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    A query regarding App Store on iPad Pro and other Apple devices

    Hi all, I am active here since couple of months. I possess iPad Pro 10.5 which replaced my old iPad mini 2. iPad mini I passed to my daughter who is using it for fun like coloring, playing games and watching videos. I wanted some special apps to be for my use and those are on my iPad Pro and...
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    Saving photos

    Mine does save fine from messenger and LinkedIn. May be some permission is needed for access.
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    Need help with Skype on iPad Pro

    Yes I too am thinking to explore Slack. May be teamviewer is also a good option. Atindra
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    Need help with Skype on iPad Pro

    Well, Microsoft community forum did find some answer to my query and the answer is a standard one, that at present mobile version of Skype on iPad doesn’t support attaching a file. Atindra
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    Organizing Photos

    Use Documents app by Readdle. There you can create as many folders as you want and later upload all these folders to cloud drive of your choice. Atindra
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    Photo In Cloud or on Device?

    My workflow is pretty simple. I have made folders in my Documents app, for example during this Diwali festival, I shot more than 120 pics all, I exported to Diwali 2017 folder in Documents app. Here I have liberty of changing names of image files, making subfolders etc. Then I remove photos from...
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    Need help with Skype on iPad Pro

    Thanks for your inputs Poet. I too found out that my office subscription include Skype, however I had installed Skype separately and just now merged with my Microsoft office account. But doing this didn’t change the functionality of Skype and it still doesn’t provide attachment option for...
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    Need help with Skype on iPad Pro

    I am using Skype on my iPad to connect with professional contacts, however I don’t see the paper clip icon in chat box to attach files, documents during the chat. The other icons such as picture, video, location camera etc are all there. Do I need to grant permission in settings in order to be...
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    Possible end of 12.9 Ipad since 10.5???

    As a hand holding device I like small screen sizes, I guess 9.7 inch was awesome for hand holding but when you enter into the realm of laptop replacement the larger screens are inevitable, and therefore I chose 10.5 which is a balance of both size, portability/hand holding property.
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    Edit downloaded Word file

    Oh ...for Safari users it is very common and usual, and my first response based on it only. Safari is recommended on iOS for these reasons only. Atindra
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    In IOS 11 iPad, how to rearrange complete screens?

    I arrange manually, in my way. Like to have clear screen to have better view of my wallpaper. I have made folders like “Entertainment “ it includes my music and movies/TV shows apps. My social folder contains all social media networking apps. And so on. I find is easier and more flexible way of...
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    Edit downloaded Word file

    To do editing in MS word online on a web page, you might need Microsoft live login. Check here; Sign in to your Microsoft account
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    Edit downloaded Word file

    If word is installed on your device you can export the attachment directly to be opened in word. It will first open as read only file. The word will ask you to save it before editing. At this stage you can choose location of the file, where it will be saved. You can save it on any drive...
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    Upgrade of Apple's native office suit

    I agree Twerppoet, Pages is better for brochures, flyers etc but word is good when you are handling a bulk of text pages with occasional graphs, schemes, figures. I just finished reviewing and inserting comments on a 28 page document on word. This would be tedious on Pages. Unfortunately the...