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  1. asemmi

    Ouch.... EE's new data plan is pricey for UK 4G service

    Giffgaff can more than match it. With a tenner you get unlimited Internet, 250 mins and unlimited texts for the month.
  2. asemmi

    I bought an iPad 3 16 days ago...

    What country are you based in? The UK apple stores (most anyway) give a 30 day remorse period. I bought the ipad 3 on 28th September, but apple gave me a refund on preorder day (26th)
  3. asemmi

    Ipad 4 preorders

    I'm in the exact same boat. Apparently, I read somewhere that the apple site is slow to upload and although it states 'prepared for shipment' - It has more often than not already been shipped. The frustrating thing is, there isn't any tacking info do we can track out parcel.
  4. asemmi

    Tracking iPad

    Will do
  5. asemmi

    Tracking iPad

    We are. Maybe let me know if you come across something. Thanks [Moderator edit: Removed Twitter account info.]
  6. asemmi

    Tracking iPad

    Yep, UK
  7. asemmi

    FIFA 13 on iPad

    Hey fellow football fans Add me asem492539 so we can play online. Post your IDs below!!
  8. asemmi

    Availability of ipad 4 on the weekend in shops

    It'll be nigh on impossible to get the ipad the weekend after launch day. Your best bet will be other retailers like Curry's and PC World. If I were you I'd go to Comet
  9. asemmi

    Tracking iPad

    Hmm maybe that could be the case. DHL completely escaped my mind, I'll check that.
  10. asemmi

    Tracking iPad

    I read on other forums that the ipad is trackable even though it shows a status of 'preparing for shipment' Apparantly, this can be done by going to the UPS/FedEx website and choosing to track with other references, whereby you must input your phone number, and it'll show your tracking...