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  1. arttext

    Facebook Ipad app

    Is there any way to (re) share a friends link or post from inside the facebook ipad app. I know " like, comment and delete" but can't find a "share"
  2. arttext

    Copying from the net into pages

    Make a screenshot (home and powerbutton together) and put the shots together with a photo edit app or prg
  3. arttext

    Printing from iPad2 to portable printer

    Once there's a portable Airprint available, the wifi issuevis easily solved with a Zuniconnect travel router (I think).
  4. arttext

    iPad2's Limited Operating System

    p.s. Why are so many self declared Android fans reading and responsing (and sometimes very rudely) in an iPad forum??????
  5. arttext

    iPad2's Limited Operating System

    I'm not an Apple fanboy but a consumer well aware if what he wants and needs. I've got three pc's at home; a server, a heavy duty (video edit) and a htpc, all Windows because I need the flexibility, especially in replacing hardware parts when upgrading. I had three smartphones android and...
  6. arttext

    DVD ripping then converting to iPad ?

    Converting any format to ipad is easily done through free "handbrake" (google search). Another option is using a paid video app like Xplayer or others. Can play almost anything on ipad including subs. Movie/video are imported by Xplayer itself through itunes.
  7. arttext

    iMessage Questions

    Problem solved itself two hours later, it must be indeed an Apple server problem, as was suggested by some.
  8. arttext

    Accessing iCloud from non apple pc

    thx :)
  9. arttext

    iMessage Questions

    So here's my issue: I have imessage verified on a new email address, ipad wifi only (iOS5). My iphone is still 3gs on 4.3.3 and since I will have a 4s in a couple of weeks so I'm not going to bother to upgrade to iOS5. So when I select in imessage from my contacts this friend who's on imessage...
  10. arttext

    Icloud problems

    Search is you friend. Here or Google. There 's already a ton of discussions on this subject. Basically you have to use a new, non iTunes account email address
  11. arttext

    Accessing iCloud from non apple pc

    I lost the link, but I read elsewhere about a Windows solution downloadable from Apple.
  12. arttext

    IPad 2 WiFi won't connect without SSID transmitting?

    With the current state of snooping there's no safety reason anymore to turn SSID off. They'll find you and your ID anyway. so you have to rely completely on your encryption. :-/
  13. arttext

    Want to watch Fox News live streaming

    Why would anyone want to watch Fox anyway? :-D
  14. arttext

    Cracked my Ipad2 screen.

    The general service outside the US, from what I read in different forums, seems to be worse. In my country (NL), for example there are no Apple stores at all, only "qualified resellers" and they all suck. So, after my 2 months old iPhone broke down when calling in the rain (void warranty...
  15. arttext

    OS wrt printing to non-Apple printers

    It can't be a generic iOS5 problem, fingerprint works fine here.