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  1. Art Frau

    Mail problem after upgrade 7.0.4

    This time I got pop up stating needed to tap settings , again about password. I did that & erased password then re typed it. We'll see if this stops it.
  2. Art Frau

    Mail problem after upgrade 7.0.4

    If i do that , won't I lose all the mail that has been saved etc? Or will it stay on the yahoo site?
  3. Art Frau

    Mail problem after upgrade 7.0.4

    Yes, I have. It still does it.
  4. Art Frau

    Mail problem after upgrade 7.0.4

    Now I see SS .
  5. Art Frau

    Mail problem after upgrade 7.0.4

    My mail issue is a it different. When I open iPad after it has been asleep for a spell, I tap mail, then get a pop up from yahoo. I took a SS but don,t see a way here to post it. I tapped advanced but it is not showing in this message.
  6. Art Frau

    AT&T announces 250MB/day plan at $5 and 1GB/3-month at $25 for iPad users

    Who is the carrier for your MiFi?
  7. Art Frau

    iOS 7 is now available for download

    Oops should have said 6.1.3 was the latest for iPhone 3. Me bad.
  8. Art Frau

    iOS 7 is now available for download

    The iPhone 3 GS that I have has only 6.0.1 which says is up to date but that is not iOS 7. The 3 was not included in the iOS 7 update as I read about it on apple website.
  9. Art Frau

    1iPad needs Flash & 1 doesn't

    There is an app in the Apple App Store , adobe that allows flash ,I think?
  10. Art Frau

    WiFi or cellular Mini? What did you purchase...?

    I pondered the question also since I do have cellular in my iPad 3 64 but couldn't get mini with cellular at the time I purchased it. So what I did instead of going with tethering expense bought a Freedom Pop photon. It works pretty good depending on location . Less than $7.00 Per month with...
  11. Art Frau

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    60 at this writing but always adding more as the need arises.
  12. Art Frau

    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    Two . Then history & lifetime apps both have free movies from their tv channels.
  13. Art Frau

    How many GB is your iPad?

    iPad first gen is 32 with cellular. iPad 3 is 64 with cellular. Mini is 32 WiFi only but have a MiFi device called photon.
  14. Art Frau

    iPad owners average age

    80 here started when iPad was released in 2010 I was hooked. Use it everyday . Then bought the iPad 3 , then when mini came out ,have it for away from home. Great tablets that help keep me sharp.