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Recent content by armoredsaint

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    Ur first day experience getting an iPad

    sweet ipod 3!!!
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    Snap Shield Secure for New Apple iPad 3rd Generation?

    cool, how's the quality of it? I do like how it locks on the magnet bar on the smart cover. ETA: just ordered that also with coupon code FBFAN2012 for 15% off and free shipping, I canceled the Snap cover.
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    Can't edit Google Calender on iPad Calender

    thanks again - i did that exactly with my company email on exchange. weird thing is on my macbookpro with lion, i can fully edit google calender appts, just ipad is limited.
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    Can't edit Google Calender on iPad Calender

    thanks! how do i get the read/write? is that a paid account?
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    Can't edit Google Calender on iPad Calender

    If I add items on my Google calender from a laptop/desktop and it does sync perfectly via iCloud, but when I look on my iPad calender I can't edit the details. I assume it's normal, not everything is two-way?
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    Thanks for actually adding in logic and reason. Too many the world is on fire mentality.
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    Snap Shield Secure for New Apple iPad 3rd Generation?

    So I pre-ordered this about 1 1/2 weeks ago from Amazon and still nothing as of yet when it will be delivered, even the Belkin site doesn't have an update. So any ideas or other alternatives to something similar? I do like that it's compatible with my smart cover. Snap Shield...
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    How to turn on Verizon LTE?

    I had the same issue and started a thread on it last Friday too - anyways, VZW tech said it wasn't registered yet when it arrived at my house since I was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but it got here earlier - reason why I couldn't activate LTE.
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    3 million sold

    Does that count some of the crazy people who exchanged their iPad 4 times?:D
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    How to turn on Verizon LTE?

    maybe your area doesn't have a 4G signal and it's defaulting to 3G? You check general settings for cellular and turn ON LTE?
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    Ipad Classes or Tips

    He's being dramatic, at the Easton area it's very safe - but venture out a mile it's the total opposite.
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    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    nice - thanks! got any cool fighter jets or other military stuff?
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    Hotspot feature

    ^^^ but he's in the UK, call your Apple store maybe?
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    When to Charge your iPad?

    thanks - i was use to the guidelines on my MBP to re-cal, but wasn't sure if it applied to the ipad
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    When to Charge your iPad?

    Being new to iPads, does it matter when or how often you charge it? Do you let it drop down to a certain percentage first? I wasn't sure if it's Li-Po batteries or not?