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    About Our Cases

    He is a vendor. I really hate the spammer that posts all the stupid apps for infants!:mad:
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    I use a combo of the zagg front and back covers, and alternate between my hard candy street skins and my apple case. Seems to wok well for me until I see something that really knocks my socks off...
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    ARGH! My iPad is broken...isn't it?

    Good luck!!!! Please let us know how it turns out.
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    There is a screw adjustment that allows you to control how easily the tilt/swivel works. I was concerned...Michigan has some of the worst roads in the nation and the bumps have no effect on the mount. It is a quality setup.
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    It's really a simple process... Order the vehicle specific mount. Order the specific mount for the device. Snap the vehicle mount in place. It is a precise fit... Attach the bracket for your device using the provided screws. Slide your device into bracket. Adjust device according to your...
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    Got the mount installed. Love it! Seems very stable and the tilt swivel is a great feature.
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    Going Paperless (Magazines, Newspapers, Docs)

    I had the same experience...I am curious to see if I got charged.
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    Never works for me either.
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    IPad with Sprint Overdrive ?

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to access the 16gig micro sd I have on the device????? I thought perhaps good reader or something similar?? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance!
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    Car Mount for use in Rental Cars?

    Check our RAM's product line. They have a couple possible solutions??!?? Apple iPad Mounts
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    Thanks Brad-that clarifies things a bit for me. I am looking forward to using it. I hope I am as pleased as you have been. I was hoping for a solid mount as I utilize my SUV 25% of the time driving on seasonal roads and "2 tracks".... It will be the icing on the cake paired with my jabra...
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    I think the iPad holder itself detaches from the mount ( which I think is semi-permanent?). Won't know till I get it...I'll be sure to post!
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    DIY iPad Car Mount - under 50 cents if you have iPad case

    Didn't work on mine...Vent size too small iPad sat at an angle:( ended up ordering a "real mount" was worth a try.