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  1. Appleaday2566

    A week in the life of an Android user.

    Actually it was more Motorola not Verizon misleading people, I've just never experienced this with Apple. Would Apple state there was an update on a specific day and then not release it without any explanation? Or would they allow one of their carriers to say there was an update without Apple...
  2. Appleaday2566

    A week in the life of an Android user.

    Just thought I'd share.......... I use an iPhone 4s here in Canada, been using iPhone since ditching my Blackberry 2 years ago, I travel extensively in the United States and have a Droid Razr Maxx (got it free) on Verizon in the states. I can say the phone is quite exceptional and the battery...
  3. Appleaday2566

    New Member

    New member here from Toronto. I'm a long time Apple fan/user, currently use iPhone 4s 32g, iPad2 32g wifi, Apple TV3 tethered jailbreak and 13" MacBook Air July 11 release. Hope I can learn a few things and also maybe help others with what I've learned over the years.