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Recent content by apple2011

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    What's your favorite carry bag for the iPad and stuff?

    look at the following bag,it is mine.
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    Screen Protector Smudges

    My SGP Verizon Screen protector touches with silky smooth and no smudges,Matte Type (Anti-Fingerprint) Soft Skin Shield, Try to google it,you can get the answer.
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    Best Bluetooth headset for Ipad2

    Qoopro headphone on Amazon would be fine.
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    ipad 2 case for ipad2 and apple bluetooth keyboard?

    Yep,like this one and this style ??
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    ipad 2 case for ipad2 and apple bluetooth keyboard?

    Ever catch one sight on a bluetooth keyboard with case on It was on sale that time. But not sure by now. Hurry up,maybe you can catch it.
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    New IPAD 2 user

    Not even jailbroken for os4.3.5 by now,but 4.3.3///
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    Facebook for ipad release?

    so the iphone 4s was announced,while no facebook yet... what is going on?
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    Facebook iPad App to Launch at iOS 5 and iPhone 5 Event?

    Macrumors rumored the ios 5 released date Oct,4th will not only be the launch of iphone 5,but also the facebook ipad app processed. here is the details:Facebook iPad App to Launch at iOS 5 and iPhone 5 Event? - Mac Rumors No need to confuse on the facebook issue on ipad again. The official app...
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    ipad 2 bluetooth keyboard to buy.

    thanks for your tips,cayleg Since my ipad is not jailbroken,this kind of matter would not happen. I will go and see the zagg in the mall again and compare with others.
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    Rumored iphone 4s and 5 are about to release gather.

    Is that true? Anybody get any news about the release. I have just heard about the rumor today. Still wondering?
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    Facebook App not working

    Since the official facebook app for ipad did not release by now,there is always some technical or any problems..
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    Forum's New look...seems to crash on PC

    Seems hard for me to get used to the new look by now. While hope all will be better a little later..
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    App Store Blocked

    Since the apple store itunes was blocked now,it would be better for you to contact the apples.
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    Uploading pictures with itunes

    there is maybe some setting on replace the old ones to the new ones. And once you upload,the old one gone. You can check the setting of the photo upload. There you can find the answer..