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    The apple bookstore...?

    Does anyone know if there will eventually be magazines in the bookstore? I know there are certain apps for viewing magazines, but it would be nice if I could have everything in one app.
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    Geotagged photos

    Actually, I think I know why I don't see the places or faces icon under my photos app. The places icon disappears when I sync to my iPhotos application on my Mac. I am sure the reason it does this is because I do not have iLife 09, which includes the latest version of iPhoto. The only way I can...
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    Geotagged photos

    Something must be wrong with my iPad I guess because I don't have a faces or places icon... I guess I can try and restore my iPad and see if that does the trick. Thanks for your help though
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    Geotagged photos

    That's what I thought. I had a few photos on my iPad yesterday and I saw the places icon. (but is it in the photos app or the maps app?) since yesterday ive synced all of my photos to my iPad, but the places icon has disappeared. I've looked extensively in the maps app and the photos app. I'm at...
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    Geotagged photos

    First, i will say that i got my ipad yesterday, and i am definitely liking it so far. But I had a question,.... Is there any way to view a map screen where it shows where all your photos have been taken? I thought I ran across this at some point but I can't seem to get back where I...
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    gaming controller on ipad

    i was just thinking, with all the talk of the ipad being a gaming platform, someone should develop a game for the ipad, but instead of having the buttons oscreen to use, you could have the iphone be the controller, and have the ipad as a display only. you could do that via bluetooth, couldnt you?
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    browser question

    ive heard that the ipad is basically running the same software as the iphone. i have a question about internet browsing. when i go to certian websites on my iphone, the default is to take me to a mobile version. Not all sites have the option to go to the full version of their website. if the...
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    to brave the early morning crowds?

    let me start off by saying, that originally when i first heard about the ipad, i was intrigued, but decided not to buy, since i didnt have a definite use for it. But i was recently promoted at my job, which means frequent trips to China, and the first thing that popped into my head was "Cool...