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    Screen obsession

    Some times I worry about a lot of things .. world poverty, wars, famine, dirty screens and so on But a few pints of beer makes it all go away :eek:
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    Which kind of movies you like to watch again and again?

    Life of Brian :thumbs:
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    ipad2 compared to samsung galaxy tab????

    Indeed it is :) Its a sad fact of life that despite so many people developing the android o/s to do so many things... its still so far away from being as usable as an ipad
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    4 weeks ago I took the plunge and got a 10" Android tablet... and then spent the next 3 weeks and 5 days trying to make it behave like I wanted it to do. 2 days ago I looked on the internettywebby and saw that the ipad2 had been reduced in price, so I spanked my credit card and got one. The...
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    so which ipad case ?

    Hi tkmaxxx After a day of being unable to decide, I took a chance and went for a cheap purple one on ebay and am very pleased with it. Do a search for the seller supa-blue The bad news is the price went up by £2 today.. lol