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  1. andsoitgoes

    Youtube Fullscreen not working

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one. It looks like YouTube changed their HTML 5 settings and although we are able to display YouTube from in a larger window, doing full screen no longer fully enlarges the app, it just fills the area between the tabs, which are now visible when...
  2. andsoitgoes

    DOUBLE iPod Touch GIVEAWAY! Black & White! TWO WINNERS! *Subscribe & Comment*

    Black, because once you go black, you never go back! ;). Seriously though, thanks for the chance.
  3. andsoitgoes

    Mille Borne or Right of Way !!!!

    I know this is a few months late, but 1000 Miles/Mille Bornes is on the app store. I hope your comment about not being jail broken isn't meaning what I think it is. You can legitimately buy it.
  4. andsoitgoes

    The new Google User Interface for Mobile Devices

    This exactly. And while I was able to override it before, as of an hour ago I'm stuck to the new page. Limited search results on one page, no ability to see cached pages, big weird unused space... No no no. Again more forcing people into what they don't want.
  5. andsoitgoes

    Google Search on Safari

    This works. It's not ideal in any ways, but it works. I get so sick of companies deciding things like this for us. What right do they have??? If you're going to do this, at least give us the option to revert to the old version. Google is just as bad as Netflix in their UI control...
  6. andsoitgoes

    Facebook iPad App Code Discovered in Facebook iPhone App

    So it isn't possible to use this version, you can't log in. Returning it to the iPhone version, I was able to log in fine.
  7. andsoitgoes

    Facebook iPad App Code Discovered in Facebook iPhone App

    Okay maybe not. The article I read was terribly wrong. I need to do a bit more testing, but it seems if you've got a Jailbroken device, you can use full force to get the full functionality of the iPad version. I'll test and report back.
  8. andsoitgoes

    Facebook iPad App Code Discovered in Facebook iPhone App

    Apparently reports are that even though this works, you can't log in.
  9. andsoitgoes

    Flash or Frash for iPad 4.3?

    What? Sky fire is called sky fire. Where are you seeing flamenet? Sky fire works, sort of, for some things, marginally. You can't fast forward, rewind, AirPlay, etc, etc. A ton of content doesn't work, and that which does is a toss up as to if it will work well enough to even mildly enjoy...
  10. andsoitgoes

    Jailbreaking Explained

    Um. She specifically states that she has an original iPad. Diana, I'm not sure at this point it's with changing your mind, but most of the tablets out there that do flash do it poorly. So that's fine , but know what you're getting into. As for the jailbreak, If you want to do it, needs a...
  11. andsoitgoes

    slight scratches on the screen of my iPad?!?! ack!

    no no no no no no Don't use these crappy things on the iPad screen. The screens they are designed for are NOT touch screens. Don't use them, you'll regret it!!!
  12. andsoitgoes

    Neuroshima Hex Wants You to Like It!

    Thanks for doing this, Maura! I just wanted to save some money and joked with the dev, and it spiraled into this!! The game is amazing. It really is. I didnt buy it earlier because I couldn't justify it among so many other games. Now, however, I simply can't wait. It is a stellar game and I...
  13. andsoitgoes

    Ipad 2 battery life

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to restore if you have done ALL the steps mentioned in this thread. Ping is apparently a major issue. Did you turn that off? Did you upgrade to 4.3.1?
  14. andsoitgoes

    Ipad 2 battery life

    Think about it, using the iPad runs about 10% per hour doing whatever. That's 10 hours of battery life. If you think about it, 3% isn't that crazy, and probably isn't perfectly indicative of real life usage. Try it again. You'll probably see about 10% per hour.
  15. andsoitgoes

    jailbreak for iPad 2

    Dude I swear. Pirate if you want, but don't dance around saying you do. This isn't that kind of forum. Jail breaking isn't for pirating, people!!! It is there to allow people the ability to customize and run the OS the way they want to, Not for stealing the hard work of the small time...