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Recent content by alxs210

  1. alxs210

    Ipad 32gb bought

    3g or wifi?
  2. alxs210

    iPad + Velcro

    So ever since I saw the YouTube video of ipad+Velcro I have every bedroom, bathroom, shower, car, kitchen, and everything else you could think of covered in Velcro. Its pretty damn awesome!!!
  3. alxs210

    It's on its way!

    how long was the "prepared for shipment" status? mine changed to that yesterday.
  4. alxs210

    Will you buy 2nd gen?

    unless there's a camera. no.
  5. alxs210

    How to keep kids from accidentally deleting apps

    Simple. Get rid of the kids.
  6. alxs210

    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Sounds like you aren't happy.
  7. alxs210

    Wifi Performance

    I have had problems, my 16gb wifi use to lose the connection and it fluctuated a lot. All my other computers and my iphone work flawlessly so I know the router isn't the issue. I hope the 32gb 3g doesn't have that problem.
  8. alxs210

    Need Help ASAP for Ordering iPad online!

    I ordered mine on the 21st of this month and its not going to be delivered until the 11th of June??
  9. alxs210

    Silly email app question

    The 16gb wifi that I had wouldn't push it to mine, I would have to open it all the time to check..:confused:
  10. alxs210

    Silly email app question

    does the ipad push your mail or do you have to manually check for mail when you open it?
  11. alxs210

    Delay in shipment in Hongkong

    Thanks. Will do.
  12. alxs210

    Anyone sold their iPad to upgrade to a different model ?

    I craiglisted my 16gb wifi and ordered a 32gb 3g.:D
  13. alxs210

    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    lol it'll be weird not having it but I think my mbp will get me by.