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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    Yes and no. I see them as complementary devices, or as devices focusing on different markets and doing different things well. I think the Kindle (especially the new Kindle 3) is the best device available solely for reading, but the iPad does a lot of things (web surfing, watching videos, playing...
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    I do think Amazon will bring color e-Ink to the Kindle sometime in 2011 (there's already an announcement of a Chinese e-reader with color e-Ink from PVI due out in March), but I don't think that will make the Kindle 4 a multi-function tablet. First, I think Amazon wants to keep the focus on...
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    You make a good point that, while Amazon (and others) may have a much bigger e-book selection than what's available through iBooks (750,000 e-books to 30,000), the iPad ironically has the largest total number of books that you can read on it, since (unlike the Kindle or Nook), on an iPad you can...
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    iBooks and updates

    I just noticed this too -- I dragged a few books around and they moved just fine, but next time I launched iBooks, they were all back in their original positions.
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    iBook and Kindle Questions

    I just wanted to clarify one thing with e-books: the format (ePub vs. Mobi) really doesn't matter as much as whether or not the book has DRM (copy protection) attached. Books without DRM can be easily converted to any format by free software such as Calibre. On the other hand, books with DRM...
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    Where do YOU get your iBooks from? (for those that don't buy em)

    I've always used Project Gutenberg, they have a very good selection and the files have been formatted pretty well (simple formatting, but few distracting mistakes).
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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    I'd love to try the update (my Wi-Fi has generally been OK but it's a bit slow and sometimes drops the connection), but there are enough negative experiences on here that I might wait a bit. I think I'll survive without built-in Bing search capability. :p
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    Entertainment the Number One Reason To Own an iPad

    Now that I've had the iPad for almost 4 months, I'd definitely agree with the findings of that survey. We definitely end up using the iPad mostly for entertainment -- it's great at casual gaming, a little light email / web / Facebook, and "fun" apps like party games or board games. I don't find...
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    Shameless Promote Your Book Thread

    THE TWILLER, A Humorous Sci-Fi Novel For Just $2.99 Hello all, I am very excited to announce that my third novel, The Twiller, was just released on the Apple iBook Store. :D iBook Store link: Fans of my first two novels (my earlier post...
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    What size should I get? 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB

    One thing to keep in mind is that you can download certain apps (just like movies, songs, photos, etc.) to iTunes, but not upload them all to your iPad. For example, I have a few travel apps that I don't leave on the iPad all the time -- I'd only throw them on there when I'm going to that...
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    Microsoft kills Courier

    OK, I feel kinda silly. I saw "Courier" and first thought of the font. :o I guess I've been spending too much time working with fonts recently, yeah, that's my excuse. :D
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    When we first got it and were using it heavily, it would last about 11 hours (so pretty much the whole day) and then we'd charge it at night. Being used less, it can go a couple days between charges. The battery life is pretty impressive. When I see a manufacturer say "up to 10 hours," I only...
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    Just finished reading my first book...

    I am a big proponent of e-books. I essentially don't read printed books anymore. I love the convenience, lower cost, adjustable text sizes, not filling up bookshelves, and having all my books with me. I have to admit that I prefer my Kindle 2 for pure reading and reading for long periods of...
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    Making a living?

    Probably the best example is J.A. Konrath. He spells out his sales and royalties on his blog, but suffice it to say that he's making a living on self-published work. He has also been traditionally published in the past, though. A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Is Print a Subsidiary Right? But...
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    I think it can be many things to many people. I see it as more of an entertainment / media consumption device, that you can read on in a pinch. Others see it as an e-reader. Others see it as a complete laptop replacement. It really depends on your particular needs, your particular tastes, and...