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  1. Alling

    Java on the iPad (in Sweden)

    ActiveX is like the most useless thing ever created. Is it possible to connect your account to the Mail app? I've got a feeling saying it's not; we're talking about Microsoft software...
  2. Alling

    What is your ipads name?

    Referring to Josef Tillman in the Beck films? Or is it just a random name? ;P
  3. Alling

    Change core app icon

    Already did Thanks, I'm gonna try that. The folders I have found only contains the apps I have installed myself, not the core ones.
  4. Alling

    Change core app icon

    My iPad is jailbroken and I have WinSCP. I'd like to change that retro-style YouTube icon to an icon of my own. I can of course create the icon myself, but where am I supposed to place it? Please type the entire path, not just something like "Library\Applications\YouTube", for there seem...
  5. Alling

    What is your ipads name?

    "Paddan" I'm actually considering "Paddan". It may occur odd, but padda [ˈpada] is the Swedish word for toad, and in Sweden it's quite common to refer to one's iPad by min padda ("my toad") or paddan ("the toad"). :D
  6. Alling

    Problem with MSN display picture

    I'm using the official Windows Live Messenger iPhone app on my iPad. The problem is that whenever I log into MSN on my iPad, the display picture on my computer will go back to the default "MSN guy." It worked before, but when I changed my picture, it started doing like this. I have tried using...
  7. Alling

    Double negation in English

    Speaking of difference between UK and US English, I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets recently. I'm also currently reading the books in (American) English, and I've been wondering about Hagrid's dialect. Does he speak American English or just some odd British dialect? :P And...
  8. Alling

    Email sending problems

    Okay, now I know. I didn't mean to be rude or something. I had to restart mine so I thought that was normal. :)
  9. Alling

    Double negation in English

    Well, here goes my silly response then: You only explained that the formal way of writing includes putting punctuation marks inside quotation marks, but you didn't explain why or who decided it or when it was established. I happen to have good knowledge about punctuation in Swedish, and as...
  10. Alling

    Double negation in English

    And to make sure no one thinks I'm sad ... I'm not. I haven't been since I started the thread. :) Once when my friends came home from Denmark after having been on a soccer camp, they talked about the Danes saying rødgrød med fløde and no one knew what it meant or anything. We just thought it...
  11. Alling

    Top 10 iPad Games

    Doodle Jump of course! It's an iPhone game, but it really works great on the iPad! My high score is 50,599. I'll bet you'll beat that pretty quickly. EDIT: Now it's 99,401 and I just CAN'T beat it! Tried for more than 3 hours (active playing time). :(
  12. Alling

    Double negation in English

    Um ... you Americans do speak English ... do you mean everyone in the entire world? Even Sweden? :P
  13. Alling

    Double negation in English

    Well ... standard Danish and standard Swedish are not the same. I can understand written Danish, but spoken Danish is like "bluewblawbler" to me. Danes understand Swedish better than Swedish understand Danish, I can tell you for sure. In Sweden we use to pull jokes like "Danish is when you try...
  14. Alling

    Forum Help and Questions

    Weird! Very strange! My changes get applied to all my posts. We're talking about a signature, which by definition means changes SHOULD be applied to every single one. I'd suggest talking to an administrator about the problem.
  15. Alling

    Double negation in English

    It does. Thanks for being polite and patient. :) You are right! I don't know how they speak on the Åland Islands, but I, who live near Gothenburg, less than 100 miles from Skåne, can hardly understand them. Though, most Swedish people would understand me, but they'd think I have a funny...