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    Facebook for iPad - troubles, questions et al.

    I'm now getting really fed up with this Facebook both for Ipad and on my Iphone. Have to say the IPad version is the worse of the two: I slide down the screen to update, and all I get is the spinning wheel (it will sit there until I stop it). The only way I can refresh the screen is to...
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    No alerts or alarms for synched items

    All my calendar items imported from outlook appear ok and they all show the bell for alert. When I edit them in iPad they are set for 18hrs before which is what I use in outlook. None of them alert. However if I add an event manually to iPad the alert works fine. I'm mystified - anyone else had...
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    Is there an app info app??

    Yes I know you can get this info from iTunes . If you read my original post at the top of this thread that's exactly what I said!
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    Is there an app info app??

    Make an informed decision as to whether I wish to delete a large but useless app!
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    Is there an app info app??

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Guess I'm stuck with looking it on iTunes. Cheers.
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    Is there an app info app??

    Is there an app that will tell you the total Mb being used by each installed app? I know you can get this info from iTunes once iPad is connected but I would also like to view this info without connecting to pc.
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    Calendar List View Dates Wrong

    They are set to London which is where I am. What's strange is that it is only recurring appointments that are wrong. Perhaps I need to check my settings in Outlook....
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    Calendar List View Dates Wrong

    I imported all my calendar appointments including recurring ones. They appear under the correct date in daily, weekly and monthly views but in the list view all my recurring appointments are one day earlier than they should be! Anyone had the same problem and is there a fix?