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Recent content by AlexanderHC

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    Online Poker App. Anyone know one?

    Well! Some people (me) like the casual play. Free poker apps are doing great on the iPhone, like Zynga's Live Poker ect.
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    Online Poker App. Anyone know one?

    Just strange how you can find tons of poker apps on the iPhone.
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    Online Poker App. Anyone know one?

    Hey peeps. Have anyone found an poker app thats actually worth downloading? Online play is a must. Im not looking for one that uses real money. Thanks! Alexander
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    Gmail Won't Push

    Im pretty sure thats what we use. I am using Exchange anyways. But sometimes it still wont push. Though its been working fine for over a week now.
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    Gmail Won't Push

    Mine seemes to start working again. Did nothing to make it work! Its not JB either. Its the 32 gig wifi
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    sync ipad with iphone??

    iTunes is your crossroad for all your devices.
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    sync ipad with iphone??

    Im using Google Exchange with my iPhone and iPad. Syncing contacts, calender and emails. Doesnt cost me one penny.
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    sync ipad with iphone??

    Which part of Google forces you to pay?
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    ipad and camera connection with devices...

    Short answer would be no. Longer answer would be that it does work with thump drives (usb keys) and the iPhone, but only with pictures. Check this video out: YouTube - Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (Review)
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    sync ipad with iphone??

    If you are using a Google exchange account on your iPhone, and iPad, then it will keep everything in sync all the time. I love it! But it means you gotta use gmail ofc. Edit: contacts, calender and emails in sync Edit: did I mention its free? ;)
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    Let's put another shrimp on the barbie

    You should check out NewsRack for RSS feeds and LogMeIn for remote desktop use. Some of the best apps (imo) out there.
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    Awesome (Canada)

    Congratulations with your iPad :) I have the 32 gb wifi only model, and use my iPhone for tethering. But 500 mb doesnt seem like alot to me. It might be enough for most, but Ive got a 20 gb data plan for my iPhone, and ive used a bit more then 4 gigs by the end of this month. Though I havent...
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    Before I go out and buy an iPad...

    The only thing I would note before getting an iPad, is that you're locked into iTunes, need a Computer to organize the iPad and keep it backed up. Personally I dont use my laptop anymore, well atleast not for the web browsing, games, or whatever you would do. The iPad is perfect for me. The...
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    Rent Movies - SD or HD?

    Thanks! Ill check that out when I get the time, and post my results here.
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    Add Ipad Remove Ipad From Itunes

    Im not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to restore the old one, for a new user, or make sure the new one gets accepted by your iTunes? No matter what, its as simple as be. Just plug in the new one, and "restore" with a backup from your old one. And its all set to go with all the data from...