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  1. akracer

    AT&T Restricting Downloads - App's?

    Had been out of town for 3 weeks and when I returned yesterday found a card from AT&T stating: "Some of you may use you existing mobile device to download purchases such as applications, ringtones, games, or wallpapers. As of June 15, 2010, the device you are using will no longer support...
  2. akracer

    X-Plane Crashing?

    X-Planes for iPad was purchased directly from and then downloaded from the Apple Store.
  3. akracer

    X-Plane Crashing?

    I just downloaded X-Plane for iPad on my iPad yesterday. Now everytime I click on it, the initial screen comes up for a few seconds and then it blanks out and I'm back at the main screen? Is this happening to anybody else?
  4. akracer

    Tether iPad Wifi to PC for 3G Access?

    I currently have an iPad Wifi. I would like to be able to connect to the Internet by accessing my laptop that is equipped with a AT&T 3G Card and an 802.11 WiFi Card. I have gone through the steps of setting up ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on my laptop yet I still can't get the iPad to...
  5. akracer

    I received my shipping notification!!

    My 64Gb 3G was ordered on March 12th at 10:18 PDT. Just received noticed that it was picked up at Rancho Cordova, CA today April 29 at 11:01 PDT; due for delivery in Anchorage, Alaska by 4:30 P.M. April 30th, local time.
  6. akracer

    I received my shipping notification!!

    Just received the Email from Apple that my unit is being shipped. Email was dated 04/29/2010 @ 6:57 A.M. Alaska time. Unit is a 64Gb 3G that was ordered on 03/12 @ 10:18 PDT. FedEx isn't showing any tracking data yet.
  7. akracer

    IPad 3G Shipping April 20 when Apple releases Quarter Sales Fiures to Investors

    iPad 3G ETA... Just received an update Email from Apple this morning saying that my iPad 3G ordered on March 12th, is due to arrive late April. I wonder if all of the hoopla about early shipping casued Apple to send out order updates?
  8. akracer

    How do you find any magazines that are ready for the iPad?

    The April 12th edition of Time Magazine has articles on the iPad and Steve Jobs. In a related article "To Our Readers - Ushering In a New Era" it says that Time is working on an iPad version of Time Magazine. Also a page 9 advertisment talks about the new "Time Moble App" but it doesn't...
  9. akracer

    UPS guy said something interesting...

    AkNorth, I live in Anchorage also, off of Tudor. Still waiting! What part of town do you live in and did you see any info on the tracking link. All I get on my link is that it arrived in Anch. at 7:22 A.M. thanks, AkRacer
  10. akracer

    Alaskan and former Newton User

    Greetings from Alaska, Although normally into PC's I do have an iPod; my wife is the "Mac person" in the family. I've always been attracked to Apple designs. Fell in love with the "Next" design and actually used a "Newton" for quite a while. Probably not to many here remember that one? I...