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    Need help choosing a iPad 2 slim folio case!

    Hello, I've narrowed down my iPad 2 case to a slim multi-angle folio style case however there are several that all look very similar. Please let me know if you have or looked at any of these questions or if you choose have a comment. The first 4 are leather(or leatherlike) Toblino 2...
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    Review of Cardinal Case for iPad 2

    Thanks for the video review... I was thinking about getting this case.
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    Do you guys have some ebook recommended for 3-7 yrs kids on iPad?

    I really like all of the Dr. Seuss books available. They give you the option of reading them yourself or they will read to you. They are also quite interactive which really helps keep the kids interest.
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    Got it! Yeah... It's unfortunate that MS didn't include that feature, I like the OS but. It seems to be missing a few features.
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    Yes... you can if you have a 3G enabled iPad. If not, you're limited to Wifi on the iPad. The people that are tethering their smartphones to their iPad have a mobile OS that supports Wifi tethering like Apple iOS, Android, Symbian, Palm WebOS, Blackberry or Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows phone 7...
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    Since you're an iPad master I assume you know the 2 different ways to connect to a network so, What you are really need to find out is "How can I enable WiFi tethering on my WP7!". The short answer is "You can't.
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    Windows phone 7 doesn't support tethering natively although people have discovered hacks to enable USB tethering (which unfortunately won't help you with the iPad). You may want search the web or post this question in a windows phone 7 forum since, this isn't really iPad related.
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    Carbon Fiber iPad 2 case special Price

    Sorry... $60 is too much for this case. iKit sells a similar case for $30.
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    My iPad 2 Case Round Up: which cases have smart magnetic covers?

    Both the grove company and I are from Portland, OR and they sent a bunch of people to the ipad2 launch at the apple store. They have beautiful designs however, I found the surface to be a bit on the rough side especially with the carved designs. Personally, I'm going with either a polycarbonate...
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    Sometimes it's just easier to put pen to paper.
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    Personal Hotspot and Bluetooth

    What jb app do you use for that since Bluetooth isn't supported by iOS out of the box?
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    I agree with you, I go back and forth about getting a case that holds a notepad that I could use in meetings and one with a built in stands for typing, viewing movies.
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    I just dragged the folders there and it let me. You will most likely need to remove your existing apps first to make room for the folders. I've had iOS device for 3 years now and I just found out about it from a friend tonight so, I'm certainly not a master.
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    Nope... No jailbreak or app needed. Just create folders by dragging apps on top of each other then drag the folder onto the dock just like it was an app. iPad allows for 6 icons/folders and iPhone/iPod touch allow for 4.
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    I just learned a new trick today. You can also use folders in the app dock. I like not having a ton of icons cluttering up the home screen.