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    Help converting mkv blu-ray flac to ipad

    +1 for the handbreak app. I use it for all my movies to convert them to 720p for my apple tv2 and those files sync no problem with my iphone4 and ipad2.
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    iSwipe (A Swype-Like Keyboard!)

    I put this on my iphone4 and it's a good start, but not ready for daily use(hence the beta.) It gets confused with words easily. It is a great start though. I have to admit when I had my Droid I loved the swype keyboard, one of the few things I miss about my Droid.
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    Trade ipad 2 for MacBook Air?

    I had on older Core 2 Duo 15" Macbook Pro and an original iPad. One month after I bought my new 13" Macbook Air I sold my original iPad. They both got around 10 hours of battery life depending on what you were doing, they both almost weight the same, and I could do a hell of a lot more on my Air...
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    Upgrade to 4.2 beta without registered UDID

    I actually did this and it didn't work. I found a 4.2 ispw, alt clicked on restore(I'm on a mac) and uploaded the os. Once it rebooted, itunes opened up telling me that it could not authenticate my information with their developer program and could not activate my iPad. Lost my jailbreak for...
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    DVD to iPad Converter - what do you use?

    For my pc is use slysoft AnyDVD to get past the encryption. DVDshrink to copy the movie as an iso for storage or to burn later, then handbrake to covert it for the iPad. The appletv preset in handbrake works great. I ripped "Something, something, something, darkside" for my iPad and it looks...
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    Problems that I've encountered

    +1 on Atomic. Much better browser than the stock Safari.
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    Jailbreaking Inquiries

    I just jailbroke my iPad yesterday, but I will try to chime in. 1) after the jailbreak my iPad runs as well as before running legit apps. 2) you do have to be careful what apps you install. There is a list on the forums here discussing what apps are confirmed working. 3) not quite sure...
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    Bricked iPad

    I had the same thing happen to me. Accidently left iTunes open when I ran the jailbreak. my iPad ended up stuck at a loading screen. Restored everything, turned off itunes and disabled the "automatically start iTunes" feature, and everything ran perfectly. Still trying to find some good apps...
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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    I personally think the iBook reader is much prettier application with the page turn effects. However I like the kindle app more. It's cleaner, faster, and I love the options for page color.
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    Cydia packages/apps compatible for iPad!

    Is there anything for google voice? I would love to have some push support on my iPad instead of refreshing the browser.
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    New MS Office Solution

    I've been playing with this for the last few weeks. I mainly wanted it for the excel functionality, all my bills are updated in excel. I noticed it really lags though when you start putting formulas in it. I guess I'll have to work on minimizing the file and tabs so I can use it easily on the...
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    ipad jailbreak is out!

    What apps have you guys used so far with the iPad? I'm really interested in trying this out. Both my iPhone and Droid were jailbroken/rooted.
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Since you are already rooted, go here and download the droid tether app, it's free and works great.
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    What type of phone do you use?

    If you search around there are plenty of good tutorials out there. Now that 2.1 has been released the custom roms have all become much more stable. I'm currently running Ultimate Droid v10.
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Same here. I had been with Att for ever. Had an iPhone for 3 years. Once the Droid came out, I was hooked. Overall coverage is so much better. I find myself laying with and modifying my Droid way more than my iPhone. I rooted within two weeks, and since then have tried out about 4 different...