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  1. accordlayingkit

    new iPad 4 user my email draft folder gone

    My email app icon is no where to be found now..only way I can get to email is double click home and type "email" then I can get to emails but there's no app icon anymore...I moved it we I got new iPad and did restore as I was arranging my icons but it has disappeared and so has my Skype app...
  2. accordlayingkit

    When can I buy one in a non-Apple store? Best Buy maybe?

    Mine (32 gb wifi only) will be delivered the 2nd as i ordered it release night, so it shoud be the 2nd
  3. accordlayingkit

    How to connect without 3G?

    U got a smartphone? if so what kind?
  4. accordlayingkit

    iPad Calendar Not Syncing to Google Calendar on Android

    I work shift work and I updated and work event on everyday in the months of sept-dec and its only showing up right in the months of November and December...sept and oct are missing events for random days. I have the same settings on my galaxy s 3 to sync to my google account but it's doing this...
  5. accordlayingkit

    Baby Cam/Web cam Viewable on Ipad/Iphone?

    Looking for a new baby cam or web cam that hooks to the crib that we can view from the ipads or my wifes iphone 4. Anyone know of any cool and nice cameras along with apps that go along with the viewing they would like to share? thanks! Been checking into foscam some.... Foscam FI8918W...
  6. accordlayingkit

    image icon for sync movies?

    Thanks, that sounds exactly right! I knew there was someone out there!
  7. accordlayingkit

    image icon for sync movies?

    I sync 296 cell phone video clips and everything was video app and it showed a pic for every video on there. I then hooked back up to itunes to delete 3 then re sync...all of them are there and show each video with the time of it and a computer monitor as the pic of video.... the pic...
  8. accordlayingkit

    Lost my bookmarks, any ideas to get back?

    Yea it sucks this is how u have to learn what not to do! Naw I don't have any backups of bookmarks...however I've only sync my wifes iphone since then and not either ipad. Not sure if that'll help...but I guess its a Nope like the second response
  9. accordlayingkit

    Lost my bookmarks, any ideas to get back?

    Ok setup iCloud account on my wife's phone.....because we have her iphone and both ipads, all the same itunes account and icloud account but she didnt want all the contacts and bookmarks that we had on the ipads...but before I set up her icloud account i started erasing some of the bookmarks...
  10. accordlayingkit

    Safari cannot connect to internet?!

    Thanks! I've done about 95% of these things. It was doing this on my old WEP setup as well. In the last couple weeks I've put In a new WPA2 network in via netgear as well as a wifi network extender downstairs so that ps3, iPads, laptops, and apple tv have full bars now. Router is new and up to...
  11. accordlayingkit

    Safari cannot connect to internet?!

    Anyone figured this out yet? Im so over unplugging my modem and router then plugging back n. Its happens to my ipad 1 and ipad 2 both wifi only models....its happening right now to my ipad 1 but not my ipad 2!! I've restarted the ipad 1, cut off, erased browsing history and catche, cut wifi...
  12. accordlayingkit

    WiFi Sync

    My problem was my iPad 1 would show up under devices and get recognized in iTunes but my iPad 2 would not at all....been researching all day to not being able to figure it out then a thought came to mind. I opened iTunes then cut off home sharing the plugged up the iPad 2 with no problems at...
  13. accordlayingkit

    installing ios 5.0

    I currently have a ipad 1 ipad 2 and wifes iphone 4....upgrading all of them tonight...on the first one now and its eating up alot of space on my laptop cause is old with not alot of space.....does this mean I have to download ios 5.0 each time I do each device?
  14. accordlayingkit

    Watch live news on ipad 2?

    Cool thanks guys