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  1. 55julie55

    Why do i have album covers on my tv series page?

    My tv series have changed their picture images to some of my music album covers. Any one know why or how to's very annoying as I have multiples of the wrong music covers for different series. Very weird???
  2. 55julie55

    Delet books from icloud

    Can anyone help. I have a new ipad4 and all my deleted amazon kindle books are now transferred to my new iPad in iCloud. I cannot remember which books I have read and which are new ...I have lots and lots. Is there a way to see which have been previously deleted or are unopened???
  3. 55julie55

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    I love your Avatar Hayley.
  4. 55julie55


    Very windy here in Vanuatu. But still 27 degs Water just a tad cool,but bearable.
  5. 55julie55

    Food anyone?

    O.k. Guys dinner for the guests tonight as follows Stuffed Italian mussels on the half shell With garlic,tomato and dried oregano Main course is pasta a fresh seafood marinara mix of squid,poulet ,prawns and white wine. Anchovies breadcrumbs. Garlic bread and a garden salad Lemoncello...
  6. 55julie55

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Thanks for the welcome back all. I have been away overseas and have been busy with my dad( I'll health ) Back in Vanuatu with a very dodgy Internet ,so will do my best to join in. Will check out the war is it ,sounds like And will definitely start posting more food descriptions...
  7. 55julie55

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Just getting back into the iPad forum after a big break Greetings all.
  8. 55julie55

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Sad loss Richard. My parents favorite.
  9. 55julie55

    Best way to use the iPad to read PDF, epub and mobi books

    I have ebooks in calibre on my computer. How do I read them on my iPad?
  10. 55julie55

    Food anyone?

    Let me at it. I love great Parmesan .......
  11. 55julie55

    Where in the world?-discussions

    Gosh guys ,I leave you for a few days and all this happens!!!
  12. 55julie55

    Strange signs

    Bit sad!
  13. 55julie55

    Food anyone?

    Fresh pasta with prawns ,fresh tomatoes ,white wine a touch of garlic. Lashings of olive oil.
  14. 55julie55

    Yum or Yuck?

    Yuck Tiramisu
  15. 55julie55

    Yum or Yuck?

    Yum Marshmallows