Zen Brush Art App Gets an Update

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1nlzHzuYaY]YouTube - "Zen Brush" for iPad / iPhone demo[/ame]​

    Zen Brush is a beautiful zen art app that really makes you want to take up a brush yourself. Obviously artists will enjoy it, but it also looks like something that could be really relaxing and soothing to just dabble in, even if you’re not usually one for buying art apps. There’s just something beautifully stylish and soothing about the app, very, indeed, zen!

    Zen Brush is designed to convey the feeling and texture of using a real ink brush to write or paint, as well as the elegance of zen art. There are 12 different background style templates included, such as modern Japanese and ink-wash painting, as well as a brush style adjustment slider and the facility to export your art works to Camera Roll, plus a Twitter post function via Twit Pic.

    The new update has apparently just fixed a couple of bugs, and introduced support for some new Twitter/TwitPic authentication methods.

    You can download the newly updated iPad version of Zen Brush here for $2.99/1.79. There’s also an iPhone version available too.

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