ZAGG invisibleshield front for original ipad

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  1. icsaszar

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    hi guys i'd like to ask you about zagg's invisibleshield first impression and if you used it for a long time how does it work?
    1Does it get scratched easily? Whit what did you scratched it and when(first day, not yet)?
    2How do you like the material?
    3How long do you think will it last( not usability when are u gonna change it)?
    4Would you cut vegetables or fruits on it whit a sharp knife?
    5Are games and apps the same experience?
    6Are you pleased?
    7And where do you have it from(country, not site)?
    8When did you get it?
    9Are the bubbles gone?
    10Is this your first protector? If no how was the previous was it better, smoother,etc.?
    11Were you afraid of your ipad getting wet whit the solution?
    Please answer minimum 3 of the questions.

    My answers are

    1Hmmm... Yes, whit the microfiber cloth so that i pressed whit my nail not too hard and the second day.
    2 It couldn't be better.
    3 1 year
    4 if my ipad cost 1 dollar and it was made of wood then yes.
    5bit.trip beat is definetly not. fruit ninja is playable.
    6 yet not too.
    8 yesterday july 1
    10No, Otterbox was my first and it was much much better so far didn't got scartched so soon was much smoother and it was the smartest and fastest and easiest installation ever. it had flaps on it and the included a cloth and a card.
    11Yes i think it is stupid idea, sorry but this is my opinion.
  2. Cord

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    May 17, 2011
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    Zagg invisible shield for original iPad

    Verizon Wireless is closing out the Zagg invisible shield (two sided) for $9.99 on their site with free 2 day shipping... Original iPad only but might be modified for a iPad 2 with a port cutout for the cameras.. :)
  3. Blackbelt

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    I have had ZAGG on my IP4 and hated it and after 3 weeks i took it off. Never wanted to cover my nice IPAD screen with a film.
  4. Bertdogg

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    May 21, 2011
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    I have had the ZAGG for a couple of months now and I love it. From my experience, the orange peel look is only noticeable at certain angles and it's not that bad at all IMO. Also to take note, It was a bit tacky to the feel out of the box but after daily screen cleaning and regular use, it's very smooth to the touch. It won't feel like the actual screen but then again we bought it to protect Also the sensitivity for me stayed the same. Everyone will have different ideas but for me, it's a great screen protector (and I have used various other brands as well for other gadgets).
  5. zorah

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    Dec 3, 2010
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    Have had my iPad 1 with Invisible Shield since November 2010.

    1 Does it get scratched easily? Whit what did you scratched it and when(first day, not yet)? >>>Not in my experience. Not one scratch at all.

    2 How do you like the material? >> Just fine

    5 Are games and apps the same experience? >> Yes, no problem.

    6 Are you pleased? >>Yes

    7 And where do you have it from(country, not site)? >> US

    9 Are the bubbles gone?>> Yes, not a single one.
  6. dobbey

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    People moan about the feel of the film. I rub a bit of polish on, and it feels like the glass. I have not had any problems with scratches either. Infact, it hides scratches that are already on the screen

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