YouTube Video of Microsoft’s Surface Crashing Gets 2 Million Hits in 3 Days

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    Philip Elmer-DeWitt on Apple 2.0 writes today about how a short video of Microsoft’s newly unveiled Surface tablet crashing during the launch presentation last week has gone viral in a big way, with over 2 million hits on YouTube in just three days, since it was uploaded on June 19. The crash, and the ensuing embarrassment of Windows and Windows Live president Steven Sinofsky, who was attempting to show how the tablet browses the web, has provoked a lot of comments on YouTube from those who are enjoying a little s****** at Microsoft’s expense, and those who are defending the company and the tablet and bashing Apple. As Elmer-DeWitt says, it already looked like a bit of a Fail when it was just an incident in the middle of a 50-minute long presentation that, generally speaking, seemed to go extremely well, but when the incident is cut down and highlighted in such a way as it is in the YouTube video, it looks much worse.

    Source: Apple lovers kick Microsoft's Surface while it's down - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
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    If he had just smoother he could have just wandered over to table and swapped it without making it seem like such a big deal.

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