You can now watch Angry Birds Toons on iOS

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    A new block buster is being cooked in the development labs at Rovio. The company has just announced a new animated cartoon series entitled “Angry Birds Toons†that’s expected to drop this week. The description makes us very curious indeed:

    “What makes Bomb Bird so angry? Why is the King Pig the King Pig? And are those mischievous piggies ever going to get hold of the eggs?â€

    The new release will allow users to get​​ up close and initiate intimate contact with their favorite characters. One episode will be released every week starting March the 16th, so keep an eye out for the birds and pigs. Even more, Rovio has returned with a statement saying that the series will also become an available in the iOS environment. Owners of iDevices are now free to watch the new cartoons on their Apple gear, provided they download the Angry Birds app beforehand.

    The Angry Birds Toons app can be found in the App Store. A new special button will allow basically anybody to view for free episodes from this particular cartoon series. Rovio failed to mention if this button will allow the screening of all the episodes, which will be featured in a channel for free. So far, the channel is waiting to be updated, but one can spot a behind the scenes video of a “Meet the Flock†round-up where the characters you’re about to meet are briefly outlined.

    Source: AppAdvice

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