You Can Now Tour Elvis’s House from Your iPad

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    Elvis Presley died 37 years ago, but he will probably always be remembered as the king of rock. And if you will plan on visiting his Graceland home in Memphis, Tenn., then you should know that a virtual iPad tour has been made available, in which

    “Graceland will be the first major historic home tour in the United States to provide an iPad to every guest on tour, creating a fully immersive experience within the Graceland mansion and grounds.”

    There is already a live-cam of the place and a plethora of audio tours you can get for your smartphone, but now Graceland sends its love to iPad owners, as well. However, what most of us are probably looking for is for a separate app that would let us roam the interior of Graceland from anywhere we are in the world. And it seems that they're working on this.

    At the moment, thought, the utility is limited to the perimeters of the mansion, and this new service has been created because tours using smartphones and tablets are increasing. The virtual iPad tour will feature audio narration by John Stamos and it will also allow users to access archival audio, video and photos. Stamos added the following:

    "When I walk into Graceland, I feel Elvis' vibe. Whether you are a longtime fan or a 5-year old, you experience a real personal connection to the King. It's an incredible honor for me to be the voice of the new iPad tour at Graceland. It's no secret that I'm a huge Elvis fan, so to be the host and guide for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who tour this incredible home every year well, it doesn't get better than that.”

    Tours are offered in different languages, and there’s even one specifically designed for kids. Here's what Graceland officials said:

    “Elvis was known to be an early adopter of new technology — actually the very first adopter of many new technologies that he brought to Graceland, so it makes sense that we would continue that legacy with the latest technology for our tour experience.”

    Source: Recode

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