Yoobao Brown Slim case (Version 5)

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    After reading many positive reviews I ended up finding a seller on ebay in Calgary Canada for this case.

    I decided on the brown as it matches my briefcase and I like brown!

    It arrived today and my initial reaction was that it was pleather rather than leather but after an hour or so in the air it certainly smells like leather to me (it was advertised as such!).

    My pictures try to give an idea of colour but it is not quite there. The brown is most certainly tan and quite an orange shade of tan, a little like Bentley's saddle interior.

    The interior is a slightly lighter shade of the leather and looks a little like Alcantara or suede.

    The grain is what I would call pebble and very nice. I think it will hide a multitude of scuffs and everyday life!

    It is very simple to use and I very much like the simple closing tab which also is utilized in reverse to make it stand or use at an angle to write with. Very simple, very easy.. I like things like that when the object is used everyday!

    I very much like the hard plastic corners which are raised enough so as to protect the exposed edges of the iPad. They also act as nice solid buffers!

    For $46 I do think it is excellent Value and will certainly do me until I can justify to myself the cost of a Vaja case! I have looked at the OEM apple case but really do not like the material as it seems to be a magnet of marks! A friend has the incase convertible book case but I did not like that at all, far too bulky and I thought the stitching inferior to the yoobao.

    This case is ideal for me, simple, well made and keeps the slim looks of the iPad which after all is one of the great attractions I think!

    Very much recommend this case and if you are in Canada I can recommend the seller!
    Here are a few pictures!
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