XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iPhone and iPad to be released on the 20th of June

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    I always felt that strategy and RPG games are under-represented especially on mobile devices, but this week brings some good news for fans of this kind of game. June 20 is the date that has been set for the release of turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown app especially designed for the iPhone and iPad.

    The game puts you in charge of a secret paramilitary squad meant to deal with a devastating threat – an alien invasion. The gam​​eplay is quite complex as you will have to resolve multiple and different tasks. You will be in charge of your group as you patrol the environments in order to eliminate any threats posed by alien parties.

    You will also be in charge of an underground research facility. This is where you can assign tasks and research projects to scientists who develop weapons to fight the foreign alien population (for example, sending scout satellites to investigate the attackers).

    And that’s not all you get to do. You’ll have to make sure that the XCOM facility runs smoothly. For this to happen, you will have to find investors from across the globe. But every helping hand comes at a price. Every country that invested in your research will want to benefit from what technologies you design. To keep the money coming in, you have to figure out a strategy so that no conflicts arise.

    The game accommodates perfectly the touch screen of the iDevices, so you won’t be noticing major differences if you played the PC game first.

    When the game will hit the App Store later this week, it will become available for purchase for the price of $19.99 for both iPhone and iPad.

    Source: GottaBeMobile

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