WSJ: Apple to partner with Samsung on iPad mini Retina Display panels

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    There has been a lot of fuss in the online media, regarding the fact that Apple wanted to severe the business relationships it has with its arch-competitor Samsung. The company is said to have taken actual steps in this direction and is reorienting itself towards other suppliers.

    But surprise, surprise – according to a new report coming from the reputable Wall Street Journal, Apple is partnering with Samsung to produce iPad mini sized Retina Displays which are probably aimed for the official launch later this year. Also, Cupertino is still going to use the services of long time partners LG Display and Sharp to produce yet more screens. According to the sources familiar with the matter, Apple initially wanted to use only LG and Sharp to produce the screen, but later on decided to bring Samsung back for fear of not being able to cope with the demand.

    The report goes on to mention that we’re probably going to see new colors for the back plates in the iPad mini. That’s very good news, since colored plates might offer a refreshed look to Apple’s tablet. The iPad maker has been contemplating adding more colors to the iPad for some time, but now we might actually get to see such models on the market. We have seen colors added in the iPod touch models and boy, they are a joy to behold! The iPad mini will probably be the same size as its predecessor and sport a 7.9-inch screen.

    Source: WSJ

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