Wrestle Jump - Two players, one iPad. A game made by me.

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    If you're into local multiplayer games on your iPad, my game, Wrestle Jump, just might interest you.
    It's a funny one button mexican wrestling game for two - it's really easy to learn but hard to master :)


    Here's the gameplay video:

    There's no need for you to pay for this - if you want to give it a try you can play it for free Edited by Moderator - no external links, please read the forum rules.

    And if you're still interested and want to try it on your iPad (requires iPad 2 or newer), just PM me and I'll give you a promo code for you to download the game for free (I have over 40 promo codes left).
    Here's the game's App Store link.

    I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this game and single device multiplayer games in general. I think the iPad is the perfect device to bring back local multiplayer gaming.

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