WrapCam Photo app for iphone/ipod.

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    Wrapcam is free! come and get it.


    --"Turn Pictures into works of art"-- 148apps
    --Wrap & roll your fav pics like a piece of paper!
    --Create awesome wallpapers out of your snaps!
    --Fill up your instagram with stunning creations!
    --Tech BLA presents "Wrapcam" the coolest photo art app in the world

    What our users are already saying around the world
    Me agrada ★★★★★
    by RomyStark - Version 1.03 - Feb 7, 2013(Mexico)

    Davvero ben fatta e funzionale ★★★★★
    by ManuMatrix - Version 1.06 - Feb 13, 2013(italy)

    AHSEV ★★★★★
    by Yapma yav - Version 1.03 - Jan 20, 2013 (turkey)

    Bello ma.. ★★★★
    by Evlyn87 - Version 1.05 - Feb 7, 2013(Italy)

    VERY LOW RES.....UPDATED!!! ★★★★★
    by Regibak - Version 1.04 - Feb 2, 2013(USA)

    Funny ★★★★★
    by young-yu - Version 1.06 - Feb 13, 2013(Taiwan)

    ★★★★★ Already Ranked among the top 50 apps in more than 50 countries!!!!!!

    Features: -

    Paper fold the photo: Single button click to wrap your photos. More than 40 different shapes to choose from

    • Blind
    • Page Roll
    • Bunch
    • Reel
    • Grid
    • Note it
    • Fold
    • Bookish
    • Gather
    • Scatter
    • Turn
    • Starry
    • Risen
    • Pagecurl
    • Silk
    • Fold up
    • Shapy
    • Side Curl
    • Torn
    • Jigsaw
    • Burnt
    • Fourfold
    • Turnover
    • Edge wrap
    • Wave
    • Roll
    • Ease
    • Flow
    • Curl
    • Crunch
    • Stack
    • Creases
    • Curtain
    • Puff
    • Paper Fold
    • Crinkle
    • Tilted
    • Zigzag
    • Edge Curl
    • Angle Turn

    Create your own customized shape by superimposing shapes!millions of different combinations

    Wrap photo with your finger: Twist, turn, stretch and drag your photo like cloth. Swipe fingers over the photo to wrap it in your own customized way!

    • Wrap – Wrap up pics
    • Swirl – Photo flow at the fingertip
    • Elasta – Stretch it like an elastic band
    • Draggy – Drag the edges

    Add fx : Exclusive collection of 31 special effects to create stunning photo art.

    • Drizzle
    • Chalkbrush
    • Chroma
    • Cuttle
    • Grain
    • Crayon
    • Electra
    • Emboss
    • Foggy
    • Oilblur
    • Oil Plate
    • Imprint
    • Scratchy
    • Slate
    • Snow
    • Sundown
    • Aura
    • Glass
    • Windy
    • Mirror
    • Flare
    • Grungy
    • Glitz
    • Classic
    • Checker
    • Stroky
    • Sinked
    • Façade
    • Shades
    • Negative

    Create your own customized effects by superimposing filters!millions of different combinations

    Mix two images into one: A special multi-photo blend effect.

    Light and color: Adjust light, shade and color of the picture.

    Frame in. Frame out: Add frames to give the perfect finishing to your photos.

    Other Tools

    •A special photo editor to brush up your image.
    •Focus certain areas of your pic and blur out the rest in one touch.
    •Enhance dimmed photos.
    •Single Click feature to ensure ease of use.
    •Delightfully simple and attractive interface.
    •High resolution saving of your creation.

    Share : - Gallery,Email,Moderated: mention of external link

    Coming Soon
    •New content and effect packs
    •Share on Flickr and Tumblr.
    Technology Used
    Patent Pending Computer Algorithm developed for wrapping and shapes

    Moderator note: No external links allowed

    Tech BLA Solutions Pvt ltd Web SiteWrapcam Support
    What's New in Version 1.06

    Image distortion bug fixed!!!

    Know any resolution , any size please upload in the app and enjoy creating photo art!!!!!!
    Notification bug fixed
    Support button added in the app

    come and grab it

    Users who are still facing the notification bug after upgrade are requested to please delete and download the app from the store to fix the issue

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    Feb 26, 2013
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    [FONT=&quot]We have successfully submitted an upgrade to our photo editing app Wrapcam in the store.
    We expect the upgrade released by the end of this week.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]We request you to upgrade your app when it is released and give us your feedbacks.[/FONT]

    What's New : -

    ✔ " RESTORE " feature - No more data loss due to a sudden crash. You will get the last saved data back.
    ✔ Powerful HISTORY feature to browse through various stages while you work and get back anywhere you want anytime
    ✔ Introducing SLIDER feature in finesse, unify,light,color and frames
    ✔ Further memory optimizations for a more stable build
    ✔ Introducing a new generation of custom effects such as edgy, pictone, slicewrap, worm wrap, reelit
    ✔ Introducing a new generation of 10 grid shapes to further enhance your photos
    ✔ New unify features i.e. blendstrip and midmix

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