WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

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    When you've graduated from the newbie zone, you'll know
    because you'll get one or more breadcrumb quests. This
    is one that kind of says "go n/s/e/w, young man, to
    find Joe Schmoe at village X, and give him this item".
    As you travel to an unknown area, stay on pathways to
    avoid mobs that want to waste your time, but if your
    map has gone blank, then veer off the path at a likely
    looking spot and you'll often get a "discovery" place
    name and free XP. It usually triggers shortly after the
    name appears. Then your map fills in. Always try to
    fill your map in.. it helps later.. If you don't do
    this, you'll end up having to go back and do it anyway
    because there will be some vague quest in the area.
    Blizzard like to designate areas as being matched to
    levels in groups of 10. So newbie zone + beginner zone
    is 1-10, then 10-20, 20-30, etc. Breadcrumb quests tend
    to lead you from zone to zone (as well as from village
    to village). Since each race starts in their own styled
    area there are multiple newbie zones, multiple 10-20
    zones, etc, so if you're bored of doing quests at 10-20
    in "your" zone, or you're just stuck, you may have
    already found the equivalent zone of some other race,
    so you can go off and spend time with them instead and
    do their quests..

    Try to hold onto any leather you skin, or cloth you
    find. The stuff stacks in an inventory slot, to either
    10 or 20, which helps. Later, when you find the auction
    house, you can sell it for much more than you can sell
    to a vendor. About the only things that are commodity
    items available to level 20 or less are:
    * leathers, linen cloth, wool
    * pearls
    * green items that are not already soulbound to you
    everything else is crap, sell it.

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