Would you ditch your eReader for the iPad?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Apr 12, 2012.

By dgstorm on Apr 12, 2012 at 3:26 PM
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    When the very first iPad was released back in 2010, Apple also introduced the concept of iBook and thus stepped on the ebook market to try its luck in the still growing world of e-reading. A lot of people speculate that Apple is going to dominate the competition, and that eventually e-readers like the Amazon Kindle might become obsolete. It turns out that it is not that simple.

    With the introduction of the Retina Display a whole new different universe is created, a universe of sharp colors and bright lights. It is indeed wonderful for watching videos and playing games, but in the end it does not compare to the experience offered by the E-ink technology for simply reading text.

    The iPad has been designed to perform multiple tasks and is really a multi-purpose gadget. Thus it would be pretty futile to ask that such a device be the perfect option for the act of reading. Even if text rendering on the iPad screen can be viewed extremely well, there’s no denying the fact that it actually looks like text on a computer screen. On the other hand, E-Ink really gives you the impression of reading an actual book and your eyes don’t become exhausted at the same pace while reading from an ebook.

    On the other hand, the act of reading digital magazines is much better performed on the iPad. The colors of the images certainly look better on the tablet screen, plus the screen can accommodate the whole page without you having to scroll up and down.

    By Radu

    Source: Is The New iPad Retina Display Really Better Than E-Ink For Reading? -- AppAdvice


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Apr 12, 2012.

    1. c.hack

      I love my 3rd gen iPad, but when I go to the beach, or want something cheap throw in a jacket pocket I take my $99 Kindle Touch. The Kindle also gives me free books to read because I'm a Prime member.

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    2. thewitt
      Already did. Kindle was given away after it went unused for nearly a year.
    3. wholesalestunna
      I only really read on my iPad when there's low light... I thought I would use it more for reading but just don't. The kindle is smaller and the eink is awesome to read on. I also like how if I were to break the kindle its only $79 down the drain vs. 500+ so its easier to take to the beach and work and stuff.
    4. Kaykaykay
      I stopped using my Kindle e-reader two years ago, when I got my first iPad. Now I mostly use my Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Note for ebooks, because they're easier to hold than iPad. I much prefer a backlit screen to e-ink and an annoying clip-on light.

      I still keep my Kindle e-reader, though, just in case there's a natural disaster and I'm without electricity. E-ink still wins hands down for battery life.
    5. txniteowl
      No. At least not completely. I love my kindle e-ink screen for long reading sessions of fiction. And while the iPad is not really that heavy or unwieldy, the kindle is smaller and easier to hold for a couple hours at a time. Also it is still easier to throw the kindle in my purse if I'm going to the dentist or for an oil change or whatever and not carry anything else.

      That said, magazines or non-fiction I defer to the iPad.

      But my kindle will not be going away.
    6. WindOS VII
      WindOS VII
      I use my NOOK to read out in public, on the EL, in the park, at the beach. I feel a thief would want to target me due to the iPad over the NOOK, so I am not retiring it.
    7. MoonlitSonata
      Done did. Bye bye kindle 2.
    8. SquiderDragon
      Similar experience. I had the Sony PRS-505 which is a great e-ink reader before original iPad and read dozens of books on it. However when iPad released and a strong desire to read comics in colour (they do work on e-readers but b&w only) amongst other things I bought one. Since then near majority of my reading is on iPad and now even better with new iPad. On balance I prefer reading experience on iPad and more flexible with ability to save and read offline Internet articles and mag sub via Zinio or free newspapers via newsstand.

      I did have e-reader out a while ago to read Spartacus - mainly to see it was all ok. Good read but on return to iPad reading I had missed it. iPad can feel more like reading a book if that makes sense.

    9. iSoozin60
      When I got my first iPad I used it a lot to read ebooks. But I like to read outside and there's nothing like the Kindle for reading in bright sunlight. Now I use the Kindle outside or during the day inside, and when reading inside when the light is poor I use the Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire, because they're easier to hold for long periods than the iPad.


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