Would you be interested in a 7-inch Apple iPad?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Sep 21, 2010.

By JohnnyApple on Sep 21, 2010 at 10:07 AM
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    There are a ton of rumors floating around the interwebs right now about Apple possibly working on a 7" tablet so that it has coverage in an area that is going to be flooded soon with Android Tablets.

    The question is: How much market is there for an Apple 7" iPad?

    If your on this site its likely because you already have an iPad, so the odds of you buying a 7" iPad just because of the size difference is pretty slim. But ask yourself... if you were buying your first iPad today and you had a choice, which would you choose?

    Some people are sure to love the extra large screen, but then again the 7" version would be much more portable and should also get better battery life.

    Please let us know the benefits you see of the 7" iPad vs. the 9.7" iPad and let us know as a reply to this post. Also, please be sure to participate in the poll so we can get some accurate numbers.

    (Source: GigaOm)

If you didn't own an iPad and were buying new, which version would you buy?

  1. 9.7" Apple iPad

  2. 7" Apple iPad

  3. Depends on pricing difference



Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Sep 21, 2010.

    1. Digikid
      I have uses for a 7 inch version.
    2. kierandill
      Thing is, there is only $100 between the top of the iPod touch range and the bottom of the iPad range, so what is gonna give? They can't make the iPads cost more, so they would have to drop the prices on the iPods that they only just released.
    3. tobriant
      The perfect 7" device for me would be an iPad with color E-ink display (or the equivalent) that can be read in broad daylight. (You can say what you want about the anti-glare filters. It is not the same.) At the right price point, I would have bought one last April. It would be lighter and the battery would last longer. I like the bigger brighter screen, but there are situations when a smaller, lighter unit would be more convenient. But, the original question I guess is would I buy a 7" version of what we have now...NO. The pricing structures are going to have to be revamped to make it work. BTW, the current device at a higher price surely is not an option.
    4. Reader
      Hopefully it would belighter weight to hold and carry.:)
    5. Wakawaka
      Wouldn't surprise me if they dropped prices $50 on the pods, and the pads in 7" came with 3G on all 7" models.

      So maybe something like this - current iPad wi-fi 16gb @ $499 with 7" wi-fi + 3G 16gb @ $449.

      Personally, I have no need for a 7". I think the screen size is perfect right now. They just need a more resistant back because bare this thing slides around in my hands lol
    6. irwaffles
      Depends on pricing and specs. Definitely not interested in an iPod touch, but I do see the pricing dilemma. It would probably come down to just one 7 inch model (maybe in terms of HD, but there will probably be 3g/wifi only models). More than one makes pricing even more of a hassle.

      I do like the size of my iPad right now, I think it's perfect, but who knows, maybe if I had a go at a 7 inch one I might learn to like it too.
    7. Tinman
      Two weeks ago I would have said no. But when I saw the demo of the Samsung, and how it at least seemed a lot more portable I don't know anymore. On one hand I think, yea I could see me bringing that to the supermarket, whereas no way with my current iPad. On the other hand I already have an iPhone... and it is fine for grocery lists and things like that. And my iPhone goes right in my back pocket. No need to worry about storing it.

      So my concern is that "more portable" still might not be "portable enough." Lots of gadgets I have owned through the years fell into that category--probably starting with my first-ever Apple product: a Newton.

    8. Aschwartz12
      No need for 7" iPad by me.
    9. NumbLock
      I can see an argument for a 7" iPad - just not what I would buy.

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