World of Goo for Mac and iOS Gets 80 Percent Reduction in Price This Weekend

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    2D Boy has just announced that in honor of it being the fifth anniversary of when the spectacularly successful indie games company was formed, it is slashing the price of all versions of its multiple award-winning, mega-hit, physics-based puzzle construction game, World of Goo, including the most recent version of the game, the Mac version, as well as the iOS versions, both HD and non-HD. Here are all the details, complete with links, courtesy of the 2D Boy blog:

    The game features millions of Goo Balls, who live in the World of Goo. It's your job to use the squirming creatures to help build structures. It’s intriguing, fascinating, hypnotic, and very funny as well, so snap it up while its cheap to learn what all the fuss is about!

    Source: 2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! » Blog Archive » World of Goo 99¢ Beauty Sale
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