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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 24, 2011.

By Maura on Mar 24, 2011 at 9:08 AM
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    Great news for anyone who likes posting to their WordPress blog from their iPad, as the WordPress Weblog has announced that WordPess has been working with Onswipe to design a special iPad-optimized view, which it says is “app-like in its functionality, but pure HTML5 goodness on the backend.†The view is immediately available and active on the 18 million WordPress blogs.

    To check out the available options and play around with them, all that you need to do is log into your WordPress blog, then navigate to Appearances > iPad in the Dashboard. Once there, you’ll find that you can, among other things, use an image from your posts as a cover, upload a logo or loading-graphic image, switch fonts, and choose from nine different skin colours. On tapping to view a post, you’ll be presented with its full content, plus a “slick†commenting interface and Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.com social sharing tools. According to WordPress, the plugin will also be available for self-hosted WordPress.org sites. And here’s a final quote from WordPress that sums up why they chose the iPad first for this special treatment:
    Source: Wow Your iPad*Readers — Blog — WordPress.com


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 24, 2011.

    1. GailLA
      I frequent a Wordpress blog that implemented Onswipe. It eliminates pinch and zoom, crashes when I rotate my iPad, and will not allow me to position my cursor or override autocorrect in a reply. I did not try to copy or paste in a reply but I would be surprised if that worked. I dislike the entire Onswipe layout and the is no way to select a normal view. If you have an iPad you are trapped in Onswipe if it is implemented.
    2. Somerled
      I just checked this out and at least on my blog it works great. Maybe you need to clear out your cache or do a quick reboot, but I cant see it fail. I have tried, with rotating, scrolling, swiping, commenting and changing comments and such. I could get none of the failures you were talking about.
    3. GailLA
      Clearing the cache only possibly helped the crash on rotate. The other complaints persist. All I ask is that users have a choice just like they do with Wordpress on the iPhone where I can choose a setting and see the full site. I think Onswipe is clunky and ugly, beyond my initial usability complaints. It has rendered Wordpress blogs that use it a miserable experience. I just want to be able to read and post without all the garbage.
    4. Somerled
      Again, I have not been able to duplicate any of the issues with commenting, replying, cutting, pasting or autocorrecting. Have you done a reboot of the iPad?

      As for astetics, beauty is in the eye of the beholder/owner. Sorry, but really, personal blogs are just that, personal. It is up to the owner to decide what they want their blogs to look like, and if they like it, so be it. "Chunky and Ugly" are your own personal views on it, not the world's.

      Don't want Onswipe? Get a different browser, like Atomic, and set it to emulate IE8 or Firefox.
    5. GailLA
      You like it. I don't. We're even. Over on the Wordpress blog post about it, others have noted some of the problems I'm having as well as other problems. My solution is to not read blogs that implement it until it is fixed or I can opt out of it. I'm not jumping through hoops to read someone's blog.

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