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Woodford Design MotoMount Universal iPad Car Headrest Mount - Review

Discussion in 'Tablet2Cases.com' started by McTablet_T2C, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Jan 24, 2012
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    Woodford Design MotoMount Universal iPad Car Headrest Mount

    Once the FridgePad has been used to cook-up something delicious, it can now travel in the car on route to the picnic or potluck dinner. The MotoMount is an efficient, easy-to-use car headrest mount , and one of two additional Woodford Design solutions that gives the original FridgePad some extra flavor.

    Price: $24.00
    Rating: 3.9/5


    Style: Tablet Car Mounts
    ablet: Apple iPad 2
    Shipping: Worldwide

    To check the detailed ratings online please visit the Woodford Design MotoMount Universal iPad Car Headrest Mount review at Tablet2Cases.com
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