Wisp: Eira's Tale (Triolith Entertainment) Nordic ambient adventure

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    Hello, iPadFORUMS!

    I'd like to make you all aware of a new game that me and my friends at Triolith Entertainment have released: Wisp: Eira's Tale!
    We're eager to get a discussion going of the game and hear your impressions of it!

    Wisp is an ambient nordic-inspired puzzle adventure which emphasizes exploration and navigation rather than intense action.



    Do share any impressions and/or thoughts you have regarding the story, gameplay, graphics, what have you! There's always room for improvement!

    The soundtrack can be listened to on BandCamp!

    If you want updates directly into your daily newsfeed, we recommend liking us on facebook! We're frequent posters!
    Following us on Twitter is also a quick way to get in touch!

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