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    ★With WireShare, your iOS devices will become a versatile files & medias center. Not only reading & managing various kinds of digital files, but also sharing files with your friends&other device at any time!
    ★Continuously updated

    Five amazing features:

    ☆Support more than 30 different formats
    #1 Basic document :pdf,epub,txt,key,numbers,pages,doc,docs,
    xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,rtf,rtfd, htm,html
    #2 Picture: png,jpg,jpeg,gif,tif,tiff,bmp,tga
    #3 Compressed files:rar,zip,tar
    #4 Audio:mp3.wav,m4a,aac,caf
    #5 Video:mp4,mpv,m4v,mov

    ☆Various methods to obtain files
    #1 WiFi transfer (Recommended): type the same IP address appeared on your iPhone/iPad to the PC/Mac browser, and then transfer files
    #2 iTunes transfer: connect your iPhone/iPad with the PC/Mac, and transfer files with iTunes share
    # 3 Email attachment opening: download the attachment, and chose WireShare as the opening method
    # 4 Browser download: open the website, and download documents or pictures directly
    # 5 Download files from Dropbox/Box/Sky Drive online storage.
    # 6 Quickly share files between any iOS devices via Bluetooth.

    ☆Excellent sharing features with your WiFi-friends (Recommended!)
    #1 Automatically identify wifi-friends in the local network environment
    #2 Share any file by only one click
    #3 Email any file by only one cilck`
    #4 Personal profile setup, such as profile picture, nickname, online / offline status

    ☆Easily manage & read files
    #1 Create folders, move/copy/rename files; zip, unzip, rar and unrar them
    #2 Search files in four simple ways: title, time, type and location
    #3 Download files to PC/Mac
    #4 Record the file transferring & viewing history
    #5 Built-in pdf/txt/pic reader. Make sure the quality of reading experience

    ☆Great protections for your privacy
    #1 Set up the password to open WireShare
    #2 Transfer files under secured WiFi protection. Avoid monitoring from the third party


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    Is there any way to get any support for this app?

    Specifically any way to change the sequence of playing mp3 files in a Playlist.

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