Windows 8 Will Not Unduly Affect the iPad’s Impact on the PC Market Long Term

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 7, 2012.

By Maura on Aug 7, 2012 at 3:35 PM
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    AppleInsider reports today on the views of a Barclays analyst who says that the imminent arrival of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS will not halt the decline in PC sales. In July, according to AppleInsider, Gartners said that there had been a 5.7% decline in PC sales in the US; IDC reported an even heavier decline than that of 10.6%. And, AppleInsider notes, it’s not hard to see the reason for the decline, with massive iPad sales since Apple launched its tablet just two years ago surely having a big impact on PC sales in the consumer, education and enterprise sectors. Both IDC and Gartners count netbooks in their PC figures, and AppleInsider writes that the iPad has virtually destroyed the fledgling netbook market. Elsewhere, Canalys incorporates iPad sales into its PC sales figures, which IDC and Gartners do not, with the result that Canalys finds that global PC sales have in fact grown by 11.7%, but with 19.4% of that belonging to Apple, and the majority of the sales going to the iPad. And AppleInsider notes that it doesn’t look as though the situation is going to get much better for PC makers, even when Windows 8 is released, as Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes says that despite some “short-term ‘excitement’” following on from the release of Windows 8 in September, the PC market will continue to decelerate, with “the rise of smartphones and the iPad…having an adverse impact on the PC market - in addition to macro [economic] factors.”

    Source: iPad will keep eating away PC market, despite Windows 8 "excitement"


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 7, 2012.

    1. steppinwolf
      It's probably true that iPad will continue to eat away at PC sales (especially laptops and notebooks) and Windows 8 by itself won't do much to halt that trend. In fact, Windows 8 tablets will actually join the iPad as a significant force in further canabalizing the PC market. And make no mistake: Windows 8 tablets will grab significant market share--not a threat to the iPad's top position at first, but a significant percentage. They will far surpass earlier Microsoft Windows tablets.
    2. AQ_OC
      They can't help but surpass early MS tablets! They were horrible devices.
    3. steppinwolf
      Ha ha, I agree with you on that, but it will be interesting to see if they finally get it right this time--or at least move a long way in that direction. Oh man, could I share some of that storage space you've got? :D
    4. AQ_OC
      I have to manage storage space! Just got done deleting a bunch of stuff because I was running low.

      I think MS can only get better with their tablets. Apple has shown them the way...both with the iPads and with the super light and thin laptops. All MS has to do now is fold in their OS. I would guess within two years we'll have some great Windows tablets on the market hopeful meant to run complex productivity tools like office.
    5. Kaykaykay
      I'd like to see that happen, but there's a leadership vacuum at MS, so I'm not sure. I'd really like for them to offer something good, though, because I prefer to have real options in the marketplace. It's also theoretically easier for a company that controls hardware as well as the OS to get things right.
    6. AQ_OC
      Yes, it is not guaranteed by no means, but I think they will get it right eventually. They are good at showing up late to the party but still manage to win. But they do need some new leadership or perhaps they need to split the company up, or both.

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