Will Amazon’s New Tablet Be a Match for the iPad 2?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 3, 2011.

By Maura on May 3, 2011 at 10:31 AM
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    Tech Radar has news today about Amazon’s forthcoming so-called “iPad 2 rival,†which it says is due to be released towards the end of 2011. The story comes via DigiTimes, who say that Amazon has just placed a big OEM order with Quanta Computers. According to DigiTimes, Amazon’s tablet will have Fringe Field Switching (FFS) technology and an electrophoretic display (EPD), with a touchscreen from E Ink Holdings. DigiTimes says that Amazon has ordered 700,00-800,000 monthly units. So, could this be the actual real “iPad killer†that finally halts Apple’s domination of the tablet market? In a separate article, Tech Radar puts forward the view that Amazon’s as yet unnamed tablet probably has a better chance of actually making a dent in Apple’s sales than many of its predecessors that have been left floundering in the iPad’s all-conquering wake. Tech Radar says that Amazon has proved with the Kindle that they know how to give consumers the sort of user experience they desire from a handheld device. And if they actually call the forthcoming device the Kindle tablet, they’d already have the quality brand name recognition working for them that most of the other would-be iPad killers didn’t have. In the end, it may well all come down to price. Could a competitively priced Amazon tablet actually rival the iPad and would it be something you’d think about buying?

    Source: Amazon prepping iPad 2 rival? | News | TechRadar UK, Why an Amazon tablet could topple the iPad | News | TechRadar UK


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 3, 2011.

    1. Gabriel1
      The problem with that is, given the release date, being a match for iPad 2 may not be good enough as iPad 3 will be just around the corner!

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    2. Hasty
    3. parcas1
      FFS and EPD won't matter to the majority of the people who bought the iPad, in so many ways its a new market, they just want to get to use it in the new ways that it opens up. The Apple-phobes will cite this sort of thing as the killer reason, in the end it comes down to how well it works. Techradar goes for the tech, and without the technical innovation the iPad would not be the success it is, but it is still the overall package. Good luck to Amazon, but when it comes to replacing my iPad, I head for an Apple store first.
    4. jtrosky
      So, you are already ruling this device out even though it doesn't even exist yet? That's what is funny about most Apple users - they blindly believe that nothing can ever be better than Apple!

      Personally, I will make that decision when the time comes, thank you!
    5. Blueface
      Why blindly?
      My dad has owned Lexus for years. When he is going to buy a car, he headsbfor Lexus never giving consideration to any other car, regardless of features, value, etc.
      He loves Lexus.
      Loves what they stand for and what they produce.

      I think they call it brand loyalty in that regard and not blindness.
      Can't the same be for us "blind" Apple customers?
    6. jtrosky
      I would consider that "blindly" purchasing a car then! Of course I would compare a car I was about to buy to other brands/models! If I didn't, I would be cheating myself! I would never buy a car based on experiences of another car, just because of it's brand. Prior experiences may provide me a starting point, but it certainly wouldn't make me buy that same brand without evaluating my other options first!

      But, that's just me! I always like to evaluate all of my options before making a decision!
    7. Mountainbikermark
      There is and never will be any "i" anything killer.
      You can a music player for $5 that will do most of what a regular iPod will do but...
      Android has sold millions of handsets yet the iPhone still sells pretty darn well.
      Same will be true for the iPad. Only Apple can kill the iPad and that's only if the others come with more power and less workarounds needed to attempt to replace the average laptop and Apple doesn't follow suit. Then maybe iPad won't rule anymore but will still sell plenty of units.

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    8. Blueface
      Then blindly it is.
      We shall agree to disagree.

      He doesn't see it as cheating himself.
      He sees it as loyal to a brand that fits his needs, provides him with a track record of performance, high priced but he can afford it, loves the trend setting styling, loves the service he receives.
      Hmmm..........sort of like some of us blind folks with Apple.

      All your shopping and comparing may not yield you the results he gains via his blindness.

      Sometimes over evaluating yields worse results. That is why we are all so different. That is why there are so many options. Point being, it is OK for us to differ and for some to buy "blindly".
    9. parcas1

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