WiFi vs 3G - and Smart Cover Issue

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by spenserj87, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I bought a WiFi iPad 2 and after using it a couple weeks decided that I really wanted to have data all the time. The device is so good at aggregating news and other feeds (Flipboard, Zite) - and so quick to access, that I like being able to catch up whenever (I travel a lot). While I can tether to my phone, I like the simplicity of having data. But, I thought I'd highlight a few issues with the new 3G iPad I got versus the WiFi:

    - The new 3G model has the light leakage issue - I know Apple will replace and I'm in no rush. It is very noticeable mainly because my WiFi model didn't have any issues at all - so the first time I went to a page with a black background or watched a movie, the light leakage just jumped right out.

    - I don't know if it is me (which is why I'm asking on the forums), but the leather smart cover I got doesn't work as well on the new 3G model I got. It doesn't stay closed as well and doesn't stick to the back when I have it fully open. I don't know if this is a manufacturing variation or of the 3G model has something different about it. But with the WiFi version, I could hold the iPad upside down near the cover binding side and it would stay in place...on the 3G, the cover flops open. Like the magnets aren't strong enough.

    - The 3G seems to get in the way. At home or at work, I have WiFi and the iPad sometimes delays a data connection. If I turn off 3G, no issues. It's almost like it is trying to use the 3G when a good WiFi is already in place. If a WiFi connection exits, it should just shut off 3G...doesn't look like it does that.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced any of the above issues. I love the device and use it for work and home. I have some gripes: being iTunes centric, no WiFi syncing, no customization of the typing dictionary, lame keyboard layout (compared to Android), the fact it will sleep in the middle of a file transfer, sound/alert customization is non-existent, and cameras so lame I'd rather they not be part of the device).

    But, it is quick, easy to use, and keeps me from hauling paper (love the Goodreader app). I've had no issues doing VPN to a corp server and using RDP to administer computers. I love the no-boot portability - easy to catch up in the 15 minutes here and there through the day (and easier on my 47 year old eyes).
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    The camera does suck but it does work well enough for Face time and skype. My 7 year old daughter has an iPod Touch 4g and we skype and face time all the time.

    I returned my smart cover because the hinge was rubbing on the iPad and wearing out.
    Also when I closed the cover it beeped a lot telling me it woke up and when back to sleep. Not sure if it was awake very often with the cover closed. I didn’t hold it upside down to see if it would stay on the iPad but it never came off without me lifting it.

    I ordered a $12 case from ebay. I hope it is ok because It is to slippery to hold and I want the back protected.

    I find myself being anal about scratches on my stuff. I have an iphone that has been covered and scratch free for 1 ½ years. I shouldn’t be like that because I won’t be reselling it and I bought it to use. My wife has an unprotected iphone and it is scratched all to heck and looks like it is separating on one side. She said the kids have dropped it a few times. I make them sit down when they use mine.

    I also forgot to mention that my 3G bill showed 3G data uses while I was at home and that shouldn’t be so I turn the 3G off when I am at home. I’m not sure if that was me playing with things but I doubt it. Some of it was after midnight when I should have been sleeping.
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