Wickr app – a program that protects your messages

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    Ever felt paranoid about sending messages to somebody? Basically as soon as a user presses the send button, the message is out if his/her control. It could go anywhere, somebody could always end up finding it and it could come back to haunt you some day. But for people overly preoccupied with privacy there’s an alternative – the Wickr app!

    Wickr is a smart little software that allows users to be in total control of whatever comes out of their cell phone. The app has been created by the following four gentlemen: (1) Robert Statica, a professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, (2) Kara Coppa, an ex defense contractor and network security operator, (3) Christopher Howell, a former computer crime and forensics investigator, and (4) Nico Sell, a well known figure in the security world and one of the main persons behind DEFCON and Black Hat.

    Using the app will ensure that only you and your texting partner get to read the messages and your connection is secured by a military-grade encryption. The texts are stored encryption free on the Wickr’s servers but the service will not be “conscious†about what is your username actually. Also, to get the app doesn’t require you giving off any private information about yourself or you submitting your email address to the site. It offers complete anonymity.

    The app comes free of charge and can be downloaded right off the official site. The companies moto is “The Internet is forever. Your private communications don´t need to be.â€

    By Radu

    Source: https://www.mywickr.com/

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