Wi-Fi-Free AirPlay Coming This September

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    According to a report in The Telegraph today, Apple is planning to launch a new and improved version of AirPlay, which does not require a Wi-Fi network to run, and which will instead require either just speakers or a hifi connected to an iDevice. The Telegraph says that it has heard from its sources who are familiar with Apple’s plans that this new version of AirPlay will be launched on September 12 by Apple, at the same time as it launches the next iPhone. The sources also say that AirPlay Direct could just be a working title, with no official title being decided upon yet. The current version of AirPlay lets the user play music on their iPods, iPads and iPhones directly to speakers that have been fitted with Apple’s purpose-built chip, and which Apple says is better in terms of sound than using BlueTooth to connect to speakers, as an Android device might do, for example.

    Source: Apple ‘AirPlay Direct’ planned for September launch - Telegraph
    Via AppleInsider

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