Why playing candies alone when you can play Candies With Friends'?

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    Gamifyd's innovative variation‘Candies With Friends’ is now ready to cast it's candylicous spell on the App Store. 'Candies With Friends' works on the model of challenging friends in an exciting two-minute session of candy-matching. The game is free to download and supports in-game purchases, in order to reach higher levels of game play.

    Catch up with the fun of challenging your friends and strangers in a classic playoff via ‘Candies with friends’. Brag about your candy matching skills as you engage in multiple two-minute candy matching duels. Swap the positions of delicious candies on the screen, create a combination of three or more and blowout the matching candies. Add the 'Dose of Sweetness' in your friendship through this innovative variation.
    It's a different game every time! Enjoy the candylicious adventure in this social candy matching game!!

    Swap Candies! Swap Fun!!


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