Why is HTML5 Canvas Slow On The iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Development' started by MrFish, Dec 20, 2011.

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    I'm been making a webpage iPad friendly with draggable items, interesting animations and fades, and lots of javascript effects. It's been going well but I've noticed it's been getting much slower but nothing too bad. I went to write a image slideshow in js where you can swish images from left to right and started to really notice a terrible lag. I'm using iPad 1 and iPad 2 is a lot better but it's still not smooth like a native app. So i've been racking my brains trying to figure out how to make this faster but I just don't think I can with html. So thought I'd move onto Canvases and essentially reinvent the wheel so I can get this desired speed. I've made a benchmark script to see just how much faster canvases will be compared to html and the difference was undeniable on my PC. However the iPad is completely the opposite. The Canvas is actually slower!

    Tests Found Here-

    Try it on your PC/Mac and your iPad to see what I mean. How can I speed up web apps for the iPad?

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