Why ipad is superior

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    i'm traditionally not an Apple fan (neither like nor dislike them), but since i purchased my ipod Touch a few years ago there's now several reasons why i'd never buy anything other than an Apple device again -

    1) Apple's designs, imo, are just super drop dead sexy gorgeous. This is why i bought my Touch in the first place, even before i knew what it basically even was. That was my first ever experience with anything Apple.

    2) The iOS. I've experienced a fair few, but the iOS is just a peach to use.

    3) Apparently Apple's touch screen technology is still way ahead of it's competition. This user experience is very very important. Nothing worse than a dodgy less responsive touch screen.

    4) App Store. Theres literally millions of apps for us ready and waiting to use.

    Apple has a culture which is loved and despised. I'm in the 2 camps - i personally love Apple's mobile devices and hardwares, but hate it's main operating system with a vengeance. Cant stand it. i use it but hate it. Windows is much better in my opinion.

    It's predicted there'll be tons and tons of tablets out this year, but for me the pure iconic loveliness of it's designs have me hooked (they're even worth the money broken they're that nice), and as i say, the app store - look at the new Motorola Xoom, looks a superb bit of kitt in testing, but wtf can you load onto it? next to nothing. so what's the point? you really would get uber board uber fast. The app store makes the iOS sooooooooo fun and entertaining 24/7.
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