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Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by Bob Maxey, Feb 2, 2011.

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    . . .to the iPad file system. That is, an untethered jailbreak ASAP.

    I bought an iPad because even though I am not an Apple fan, I wanted something that is slim, small, easy to carry, and provides me with access to the web, my email, and the like. I bought mine for business use because no other tablets can come close.

    To me, the iPad is a wonderfully designed, engineered, and executed product that (for now, at least) has no equal. I might not exactly be an Apple Booster, but the iPad is a winner.

    What ticks me off is just how difficult (impossible) it is to customize it. Odd that I simply assumed that making simple changes to the UI would naturally be part of the iPad experience. Odd that a product offered by Apple as a business ready tablet is not at all ready for business. Like my printing issues for example. That is why I think I need to JB mine.

    Odd that their WP, "Pages" can't create a simple table of contents using styles. Or give me the ability to add custom templates rather than making a layout and a duplicate. I want templates in their logical place.

    I am a writer and I find the soft keyboard quite easy to use. In fact, I like it better than my new laptop keyboard. Bob is amazed at how nice it is to use to get work done.

    The screen is sharp and bright, and what amazes me is I can DL a movie, surf the web, do my work, and still have power to spare. I killed my Android phone battery in just a few hours of surfing and uploading files to a server; my laptop gets me three hours at best, so to have a small device with lots of juice left after work astounds me to no end.

    I actually worked for a company that manufactured products for Apple in the early days. We built the modems for the Newton. So I have some Apple hardware experience, but that was long ago and Apple hardware has changed considerably. I can remember when Apple was a fun company. I can still read a schematic.

    Anyway, I digress. The day I bought my Pad, I took a look at the Apple site and after peeling off a stack of hundreds and giving them to some Apple store wonk, I sauntered over to my local watering hole for a look-see at what six hundred dollars procures. I later learned the value of partnering with Mr. Google as a pre-sale consultant.

    The Apple site said wireless printing was easy. What I did not know (my fault, not enough due diligence) was wireless printing was easy IF you owned one of the 12 printers (all HP) that have AirPrint. My printer is WiFi capable, but no AirPrint. I have an HP printer, however. It is three days old and I ain't about to replace it.

    What saved the day was a few hours looking for a workaround and I found it. Now I can print from my kitchen and office to the printer in the closet. Perhaps there is a better app for that (on Cydia).

    I decided that as good as the iPad is, I wanted more. I want to install apps not approved by Apple's Better Angles. I have a need to delete files I can't currently kill because there is no way to do so. I want to see what is under the hood and all the magical stuff that lurks in the root directory. Hell, I want to see how iPad's file system is structured and just exactly where the folder that stores my crap is located.

    I want to customize my icons and I want (need, if it is even possible) to add custom templates to Pages. I want to change my dock because it is terrible. I want themes, Dag nabbit.

    Perhaps there is not a way to do this unless I learn to use the Apple SDK. But what do I know, anyway. Until I learn, for now, I'll just assume a document created in Pages can become a template when moved to wherever iPad stores Pages Templates. For all I know, it is impossible or there is a better way.

    Apparently, a jailbreak at least gives me a fighting chance to try to do what very well might actually be impossible. I want a chance to look and see and screw it up on my own; I do not appreciate Apple telling me NO!

    There must be a way to do all manner of wondrous and iPad killing falderol if jailbroken and if I can get to the root file system. I want it my way, not Apple's way. I want the freedom to screw it up on my terms, not Apple's terms.

    Anyway, I am all about long wind and rambling... glad to be here.

    Bob Maxey
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    Hmm, *Bite*

    Okay, i'll go first......amen to that, jailbreak away and get as close to apple freedom as you can!!!!
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    All products are compromises and contain limitations. In the iPads case it's portability and battery life that constrain the more adventurous user.

    You're obviously tech savvy to a degree so jailbreaking is your obvious solution.
    Plenty of threads on that section of the forum so go and grab a coffee and settle down for a good read :)

    And welcome to the forums.
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    Popcorn. Popcorn is good too.:D


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