Why Apple’s Retina iPad mini launch was so quiet

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    Apple has finally launched the iPad Mini 2 last week on November 12 and took everybody by surprise. We were expecting the second-generation iPad Mini to launch a little later during the month because of supply issues and definitely not in the beginning of the week. If you were wondering why has Apple decided to do this, here’s the explanation.

    The second-generation iPad mini tablet was announced in the middle of the night with no warning, so most of those eagerly awaiting to get their hands on the iPad Mini 2 had to hear it from the tech websites that the Retina iPad Mini orders have finally started. Internet marketer Ed Dale explains why Apple has decided to do this, highlighting three major reasons:

    Could such a simple strategy help Apple manage its ongoing issues with the supply chain? But it seems that bottlenecks aren’t the single problems faced by the second-generation iPad Mini. According to some recent reports, image retention problems have been on the new Retina iPad Mini. Let’s hope that by Christmas, Apple will manage to solve the supply issues so that you could consider gifting the shiny tech toy to someone.

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