"Who Lives Where" - fun educational game with animals for toddlers of AGE 2 and up

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    *** Fun educational game for toddlers of AGE 2 and up.
    *** Place the animals to the places where they live
    *** 7 hand-drawn levels with professional voice over

    "Who lives where" is an educational game for children, which tells about birds, sea animals, the animals from the North and from the Amazon River. Children will learn the difference between wild and domestic animals. Who lives in Australia? Who lives in Africa? Kids will easily answer to these and other questions.
    "Who lives where" consists of seven different mini-games:
    - Who lives in Africa and who lives in Australia?
    - Where does this bird live?
    - Who lives in the meadow?
    - Who lives in the Amazon?
    - Who lives in the sea and who lives in the desert?
    - Which animal is domestic and which is wild?

    Apple Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/who-lives-where-educational/id768107053?ls=1&mt=8


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